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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
Isotoxin.umx MUSIC 460.4 KB a5c5528fc0ee11b7f46ed1106480680766b7008c 88
Isotoxin.umx MUSIC 460.4 KB 6a2a0f311fe053fdf39d25ac9ff145381a3c92f3 1
Isotoxin.umx MUSIC 460.4 KB 9d9496ef2d20ca7055fde23427714dabdf221b75 1

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Usages (88)

Type Name Author
Map Pack All MH Maps Various
Map BR-Cycle-v2 -Fn>Metalfist
Map BT-(BI)AncLand Blue-Ice
Map BT-(Phan)Volcano-v2 Phantom
Map BT-TicketToHell-final -RAPO-
Map CTF-182 Atomic
Map CTF-182X- Atomic (Edit By MSULL)
Map CTF-AMC-BigAndUgly-NW FraGnBraG
Map CTF-BT+(dem)Skillz utdemon
Map CTF-BT+(Roel)OrbField-SE RoelerCoaster
Map CTF-BT-(BI)AncLand Blue-Ice
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)NewYear2011-v2 The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-LethalSunCB2 Novice Bunny
Map CTF-BT-NSMFactory -=(FBT)=-Raylen
Map CTF-BT-NSMFactoryV2 -=(FBT)=-Raylen
Map CTF-BT-TicketToHell -RAPO-
Map CTF-BT-TicketToHell-final -RAPO-
Map CTF-BT-TicketToHell-fix -RAPO-
Map CTF-BT-TrippyFishy meatwad
Map CTF-BT-Win98_i4g Anarchist
Map CTF-BT-ZapYoAssVF2 Rob-Bot (arena by Myscha)
Map CTF-Citydecks][ Rik "Guron" Soeiro
Map CTF-DagnysBigAssMap-V2 "Dagny Taggart" (Jeffrey M. Haber)
Map CTF-FNB-BarrelOfFun FraGnBraG
Map CTF-Hyperbase Unknown
Map CTF-Quidich Alexander Vasyliev
Map CTF-Restortion Andy "Solar" Storch
Map CTF-TheKrypt Kryptonite
Map CTF-ToxicDump Nawaf Nafisee
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk130 Various
Map Pack Dm Arenamappack1 Various
Map Pack Dm Arenamappack1 Various
Map DM-'FTB-WatcherV2 Jaspos
Map DM-Circulator Melvin Gatchell
Map DM-CrushedHopesV1.0 topman04
Map DM-CrushedHopesV1.1 topman04
Map DM-Flexux_arena REnecit0
Map DM-FNB-BarrelOfFun FraGnBraG
Map DM-FNB-BarrelOfFun FraGnBraG
Map DM-Gateway Kenneth "Shrimp" Watson
Map DM-IceComet Steve "Luv_Studd" Keene
Map DM-Jantaz Unknown
Map DM-LP-Aywer XYZ 8000
Map DM-MorbiasFun GELBARO///
Map DM-ROD Jared "Tydusis" Tassin
Map DM-SkaarjBoilers Revenga
Map DM-Slan]I[ Mike 'P@risGun' Grubb
Map DM-SuPHeR LexiconDevil
Map DM-Warehouse][ Corrupt Mind
Map DOM-FNB-BarrelOfFun FraGnBraG
Map DOM-Terra Luggage (original by Nivlek)
Map Pack Headshotwintermappack2 Various
Map Pack Insanity UTCMP Various
Map Pack Lowpolymappack3 Various
Map MH-(SF)Cryptrunners_v1e Christian "Superfly" Pedersen
Map MH-AMC-BigAndUgly-UTRv0 FraGnBraG
Map MH-City(v3) Shane Caudle moded by Hexen
Map MH-FoT-ChronoshiftV7 Revelation
Map MH-In_Fested-A4_HTD Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-Invasion_4 Simon "EZkeel" West-Bulford (Original), Buggie (XV)
Map MH-Invasion_4 Simon "EZkeel" West-Bulford (Original), Buggie (XV)
Map MH-Invasion_4+SBMod1 S.West-Bulford (EZkeel)/Mods by Barbie
Map MH-Iphigenia2 Wessel "Ultimate Weasel" Steenhuis
Map MH-Marbas-[b] dU.Scruffy
Map MH-NewAlc1 Tomas 'Drevlin' Lidström
Map MH-OrbitalDEv1 Graham ( DE by Snuggs / '//3iRdo )
Map MH-Sk_Cryptrunners Christian "Superfly" Pedersen
Map MH-Skyjump monstersbeware!
Map MH-Skyjump monstersbeware!
Map MH-SkyTownAK2V2 Jeremy War / Cedric Fiorentino
Map MH-TheCave_beta TYGRA
Map MH-Thra_Fortress Converted By --=BliZz=--
Map MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod Converted By --=BliZz=--/Fixes by Barbie
Map MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod2 Converted By --=BliZz=--/Fixes by Barbie
Map MH-ziki Matt Rasmussen
Map MH-Ziki+SBFix1 Matt Rasmussen/Fixes by Barbie
Map MH-Ziki+SBFix1 Matt Rasmussen/Fixes by Barbie
Map MH-Ziki+SBFix2 Matt Rasmussen/Fixes by Barbie
Map Pack Nali Chronicles Sergey 'Eater' Levin
Map Pack Project Xenome part 1 & 2 Jazzyb
Map Pack Project Xenome: First Day (Patch) Jazzyb
Map Pack Sky Town Redux Mr.Prophet, Jeremy War
Map Pack Strangelove OldskoolNY Mappack Various
Map Pack TydusisOldMaps Jared "Tydusis" Tassin
Map Pack Unreality TYGRA
Map Pack UT Winterpack DM DOM 2006 Various
Map Pack UT99 Org AMC Mappack Various
Map Pack UT99.org 20th Anniversary Mappack Various

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Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map DM-JumpingDeath Andreas "Soulbringer" Kirscht

Files File

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Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map CTFM-Rdemption Christophe 'Crokx' Cros