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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
Colors.utx TEXTURE 12.3 KB 43a23fef0644986d50aae20da55468e372868fb6 167
ColorS.u CODE 6.0 MB d2154cdd841ac29e4354f99d44653c99429cbfbe 5
Colors.utx TEXTURE 22.9 KB 9d1dfa69f5ea4bc879c2731cd20269e0aa455468 1
Colors.utx TEXTURE 1.1 MB d2476728db054f4fadc7cc64153afdd8774f3471 1

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Usages (167)

Type Name Author
Map BT+(CN)Bunnycula-SE Unknown
Map BT+(CN)GlupaPichka [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT+(CN)Oufti [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-(CN)DejaVu [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-(CN)SweetEscape-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-(Kraken)Crusade Ray 'Kraken' Newton
Map BT-(meg)Squrrells][ megulite
Map BT-(Men)Speed-v2 }OP{-mENty
Map BT-[BLK]-PsychedelicWorld Blackdeath
Map BT-Coolio Someone that owns
Map BT-TK-v1b Timekeeper
Map CTF-(VIP)=(V)=$ (VIP) Viper
Map CTF-(VIP)=A(V)A= (VIP) =(V)iper=
Map CTF-[TsF]-1on1-SniperFestV2 Blackdeath
Map CTF-[TsF]-PingPong Blackdeath
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Bunnycula-SE Unknown
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Bunnycula-v2 Unknown
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Fastoche [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)GlupaPichka [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Memories-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Oufti [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Oufti-EZ [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Paintings-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)WhatLiesBelow [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)WhatLiesBelow-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)WhatLiesBelow-v3 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(Kh)FluO-EZ-vF [i4g]KhEnBu
Map CTF-BT+(Kh)FluO-v2 [i4g]KhEnBu
Map CTF-BT+(Kh)FluO-v3 [i4g]KhEnBu
Map CTF-BT+(Kh)FluO-vF [i4g]KhEnBu
Map CTF-BT+(Kh)MiniPouce-v2 [i4g]Khenbu
Map CTF-BT+(UTW)MerryChristmas2018 [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(UTW)MerryChristmas2018-EZ [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(XX)Jump-v3 Xanx
Map CTF-BT+(XX)Jump-v3 Xanx
Map CTF-BT+EotY2015 RoelerCoaster
Map CTF-BT+EotY2015-EZ RoelerCoaster
Map CTF-BT+EotY2015-v2 RoelerCoaster
Map CTF-BT+Museum(ForStruppi) Pawel
Map CTF-BT+Museum(ForStruppi)-v5 Pawel
Map CTF-BT+Sinterklaas Computer Piet
Map CTF-BT+Spacepl0x-dbl 7Vice [A.K.A.] >@tack!<
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room Giorgio.pX5
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room][ GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room][-v2 GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT-(Chn)ECG ChA1NsAw
Map CTF-BT-(CN)DejaVu [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Happy2010 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)KiaDuKakaKakiKoleOKuku [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)LookingForClues-vF2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)SweetEscape-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(Fran)Kubox nOs*Franco'
Map CTF-BT-(Lvkkie)EvilLvkkie[v3] Lvkkie
Map CTF-BT-(Lvkkie)IntoTheDepths Lvkkie
Map CTF-BT-(MD)Worlds Mahmood (Visablity)
Map CTF-BT-(Men)Speed-v2 }OP{-mENty
Map CTF-BT-(Plat)Infinity-i4g Aaron 'Platinum' Ingersoll
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)Legoism The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)SplitSecond The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)SplitSecond-v2 The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)Vertical The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-(SL)Endurance Slee
Map CTF-BT-[BLK]-PsychedelicWorld Blackdeath
Map CTF-BT-[T-BIG]-Egout_city_dbl Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Antique Metanet
Map CTF-BT-Antique-v2 Metanet
Map CTF-BT-Aperture The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-Apocalypse-test JumpingFreak
Map CTF-BT-Apocalypse-v2 JumpingFreak
Map CTF-BT-Archaeology Mave
Map CTF-BT-Asyndeton-v2 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-Ayumi_v2 C-18, >@tack!<
Map CTF-BT-BackToBasics-v2 Mave
Map CTF-BT-BananacaekV2 X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-Blueberrycaek-i4g Shakka
Map CTF-BT-Blueberrycaek-vF Shakka
Map CTF-BT-BTGod-HV-test Canon
Map CTF-BT-BTGod-vF Canon
Map CTF-BT-BTGod][ Canon
Map CTF-BT-CappingTime-fix *-BATISTA-*
Map CTF-BT-Cheesecaek LTUANERL
Map CTF-BT-Cherrycaek-vF3 and Shakka
Map CTF-BT-Cheziie Mave
Map CTF-BT-ChurchOfHell-v1 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Coconutcaek_vF Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Complexity-vF2 supA
Map CTF-BT-ComplexityRE supA
Map CTF-BT-Coolio-v2 Someone that owns
Map CTF-BT-Deflect Relentless
Map CTF-BT-Elevate ???
Map CTF-BT-Fun2013-v2 Provocation
Map CTF-BT-FusedRuins BT Mappers 2008
Map CTF-BT-GearsOfWar_dbl Relentless
Map CTF-BT-GeometricArchitecture-v2 CR125 & Lvkkie
Map CTF-BT-GeometricArchitecture-VF CR125 & Lvkkie
Map CTF-BT-Ice-Monsters-v2 Patrick 'Sp0ngeb0b' Peltzer
Map CTF-BT-III-Industry |Nexus|
Map CTF-BT-Loop-dbl Relentless
Map CTF-BT-Lunaria-v2 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-Lunaria-v3 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-Lux The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-MerryChristmas2016 GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT-MovingColors-v2 z3u5
Map CTF-BT-NaPaliLands-v2 FrancoCaro,Rapchileno and
Map CTF-BT-oo oo6 (-Roel`)
Map CTF-BT-oo's!-vF oo6 (-Roel`)
Map CTF-BT-OrangeCity GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT-OrangeCity-v2 GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT-PurplePeopleEater_dbl I3unnY
Map CTF-BT-Ricola-v2 The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-SimpleChallenge Meta
Map CTF-BT-SimpleChallenge-v2 Meta
Map CTF-BT-Simplicity fierd_1
Map CTF-BT-Skaarj-Ship GiorgiO.pX9
Map CTF-BT-StarGuardians-v2 Pawel
Map CTF-BT-StarGuardians-vF Pawel
Map CTF-BT-Superheroes10 Lady*Stardust'!..'Q~
Map CTF-BT-Superheroes1o0 Lady*Stardust'!..'Q~
Map CTF-BT-Superheroes1o0 Lady*Stardust'!..'Q~
Map CTF-BT-tehfuk -dsm.OLOL-
Map CTF-BT-TheWind {UTA}Jake
Map CTF-BT-Transmutation-fix Relentless
Map CTF-BT-TTFAF-forCrackSpider-v3 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-UM-Whaaaaatttt -=]UM[=-Puni$her
Map CTF-BT-UnwrittenTales `BT-Stimpy and I3unnY
Map CTF-BT-V0rtex-vF2 M0nster
Map CTF-BT-Wipeout! The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-Wipeout!-v2 The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-zarge][-vLO zarge
Map CTF-PaulWalker Blackdeath
Map DM-)ICU(-XlocTraining Blackdeath
Map DM--{ISC}-IscLoc Blackdeath
Map DM-[TsF]-Colors Blackdeath
Map DM-[TsF]-ColorsV2 Blackdeath
Map DM-[TsF]-ColorsV3 Blackdeath
Map DM-[TsF]-CrazyLoc Blackdeath
Map DM-[TsF]-CrazyLoc Blackdeath
Map DM-[TSF]-Take_your_time Blackdeath
Map DM-SuperMarioLand Bloodhound
Map DM-SuperMarioLand Bloodhound
Map DM-{ISC}-TheLastJob Blackdeath
Map MH-Demondeath Unknown
Map MH-Impossible-dU {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-ProxyMoon_V2 Fallout ( Spiderfactory )
Map MH-RiseOfDead[NoDaytime] --=BliZz=-- + Lauren
Map MH-TrickyV2 {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-UM-BlueTown 'Zac
Map MH-UM-HeberekeGaiden ITS A ME A PUNISHER!!!
Map MH-UM-HeberekeGaiden ITS A ME A PUNISHER!!!
Map MH-UM-JungleRaid -=]UM[=-Puni$her
Map SCR-(Gav)Lamb Gavintor
Map SCR-Aquarium Bober
Map SCR-Autobahn Bober
Map SCR-Basketball Bober
Map SCR-Black Bober
Map scr-GurgesAter Bober
Map SCR-Kozmos Bober
Map SCR-Krogla-pack moeinoeit a.k.a. Bober
Map SCR-Madhouse moeinoeit a.k.a. Bober
Map SCR-Park Bober
Map SCR-ParkingGarage-pack Bober
Map SCR-RoundWeGo Bober
Map SCR-TheAncientRing Bober
Map SCR-Tunnel Bober
Map Pack Xmasmappack Various

Files File

6.0 MB

Usages (5)

Type Name Author
Map SCR-(Gav)Lamb Gavintor
Map SCR-Black Bober
Map SCR-GavLamb Gavintor
Map SCR-Kozmos Bober
Map SCR-Tunnel Bober

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Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map CTF-Passage][ Juan Pacho Eekels

Files File

1.1 MB

Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map DM-ThefourTowers Rubicon-(DOG)-