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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

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Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
Factory.utx TEXTURE 545.2 KB 007039530743b793462de39f2abe83fd5193df4c 261
Factory.utx TEXTURE 109.6 KB 9aca4ad58efcd81d7b6c2c96919e7f732f043b1c 23
Factory.utx TEXTURE 16.7 MB 82ef6a0b1c245cf6a0c1f26ced9eab51b4cc727e 1

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Usages (261)

Type Name Author
Map AS-BigAssTeroid71 blueraven and stitch
Map AS-LaserV2 Edin 'Doc_EDo' Hozic
Map AS-Slv{qoou}Race {qoou}De_Fault
Map AS-SnowDunesPublicBeta CreatedMuttley and Jwer
Map Pack B2d Strange Love Mappack2 Various
Map Pack Bombingrunmappack Various
Map BR-NiA-vs-[DR] ~)NiA(~Synn<DDK>, BR|KOA|The_Dave
Map BR-PowerRun Norman E. Voigt (BR |KOA|The_Dave)
Map Pack Bt 2on2 Cup Mappack Div 1 Various
Map Pack Bt Mappack Various
Map Pack Bt Mappackcb Various
Map Pack Bt Mappacklv Various
Map Pack CTC Pack2 Various
Map Pack Ctc Ut Mappack Vol2 Various
Map Pack Ctf 3towers Various
Map Pack CTF HC Mappack Summer 2010 Rar Various
Map CTF-'FTB-Bodies[BuzzyEdit] FTB BuzzKill
Map CTF-(aust)Flavius Unknown
Map CTF-(Fn)WackyCorridors Unknown
Map CTF-(IG)Reverse |IG|Defrost
Map CTF-(IG)Reverse |IG|Defrost
Map CTF-(jBi)InfluxV2 {jBi}LexiconDevil
Map CTF-(jBi)InfluxV2 {jBi}LexiconDevil
Map CTF-(rS)Diamond |r§|-)Ë×Çå|îßË®(-
Map CTF-(rS)Diamond |r§|-)Ë×Çå|îßË®(-
Map CTF-(SuB)PowerRun(v4) Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-(zo)PowerBasev2 zope
Map CTF-)AO(-HallofFame -)ÅÖ(-Çøldfܧiøn
Map CTF-1HS-Orbital2 UT2003>UT ConversionHoward_Stern
Map CTF-2Flags Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-8_Of_Space][IG Dana"HoLLoWDoG"Hunt
Map CTF-8_Of_SpaceIG Dana"HoLLoWDoG"Hunt
Map CTF-[TSF]-Muoro Blackdeath
Map CTF-[TSF]-Muoro Blackdeath
Map CTF-[TsF]-Muoro_v2 Blackdeath
Map CTF-[TsF]-MuoroCL4 Blackdeath
Map CTF-Amazi Bruno "CharGer_GTi" Rodrigues
Map CTF-Archetype s1Co
Map CTF-Archetype s1Co
Map CTF-Astronomi Joel "Scorpion" Persson
Map CTF-BarnBurnerV3 Jeff Smith
Map CTF-BarnBurnerV3 Jeff Smith
Map CTF-BorderIIv1.1 N!kKke
Map CTF-Bricks Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-BT-(Tez)SpaceWalk-v2 Tezzanator
Map CTF-BT-(Tr-Maz)Rendezvous-v3 Mazurizi^cless & R4mon
Map CTF-BT-Intensity Anarchist
Map CTF-BT-LavaRefinery Unknown
Map CTF-BT-SpaceBase Anarchist
Map CTF-BT-SpaceBaseV2 Anarchist
Map CTF-Castle_Floor Unknown
Map CTF-Centrillium Lorenzo "Warlust" Wang
Map CTF-Centrillium Lorenzo "Warlust" Wang
Map CTF-DelusionalAP-Discotheque {FOCR}StR¥ÇH9
Map CTF-DelusionalAP-Discotheque {FOCR}StR¥ÇH9
Map CTF-Division Derrick "Error" Kotel
Map CTF-ESFNite {ESF}Dragon
Map CTF-ESFNite {ESF}Dragon
Map CTF-ESFWarFact5 {ESF}Dragon
Map CTF-FragFestV1 *SA*EQ{~LoB~}
Map CTF-Gangway-Slim Steven "Heeee Man" Duncan
Map CTF-Izezi Joel "Scorpion" Persson
Map ctf-jungbrunnen][ Ralf 'Sunfog©' Mehlem
Map ctf-jungbrunnen][ Ralf 'Sunfog©' Mehlem
Map CTF-LavaGiant2 Chefe
Map CTF-Mapperfactory Ralf 'Sunfog©' Mehlem
Map CTF-MentalBlockv2 Phanataz
Map CTF-OptimalSurgeFnL 0ptimal 134
Map CTF-Outside Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-OutZide {L}OutZ{JEDI}{PuF
Map CTF-PipeDream |KB|AIDS
Map CTF-PistonBowl Author: Kuldiil
Map CTF-PowerRun Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-RBColony Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-SCF-Otcho {SCF}|Ghozer| - Clan {SCF}
Map CTF-Shinar MortalPlague
Map CTF-SimpleSnow Feralidragon
Map CTF-SnowJob Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-SpaceDock Norman E. Voigt
Map CTF-Spotlightv2 bongoliath
Map CTF-Thrall][ Sam Plate.
Map CTF-UTDM-FragFest EvilGrins
Map CTF-Vendetta Nova-C1-
Map CTF-Vendetta][ Nova-C1-
Map CTF-XV-FinalFace Dr. Doom & Shinigami (original) EvilGrins (XV)
Map CTFM-Mall Andy "Darkinnit" Davison
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk82 Various
Map Pack Division1 Maps Various
Map Pack DM Goldeneye Grit Complex V13 Zero Khan
Map DM-(bah)-Snipercomplex mindscape_
Map DM-(mSn)BoulbyPotash Unknown
Map DM-123-MTHRFCKR-[NRC] Martijn M@sterDudE Martens
Map DM-1on1-Gecko Gecko
Map DM-1on1-Gecko Gecko
Map DM-[mSn]Boulby_Potash Unknown
Map DM-[mSn]Boulby_Potash Unknown
Map DM-[mSn]Boulby_PotashV2 Unknown
Map DM-[mSn]Industrial -=[mSn]=-G][NNER
Map DM-[mSn]Industrial -=[mSn]=-G][NNER
Map DM-]M[-Abandoned][ ]|M|[_-sigma7-_]
Map DM-AnthemCityV2 By-Tor[Frnz]
Map DM-Astronomi Joel "Scorpion" Persson
Map DM-Attemption San "Celettu" De Voogdt
Map DM-BauhausFlashPoint Kaal979
Map DM-BlackCheetahCity BlackCheetah
Map DM-Cleaner (FUN)DangerRocket
Map DM-Deaths_Temple Bob 'Porch Viking' Harrison
Map DM-DeckOpti134 0ptimal 134
Map DM-Inderground littlebunny
Map DM-Inderground{m} littlebunny
Map DM-KTB-PainMaker [KTB]_KING_Nipple
Map DM-KTB-PainMaker [KTB]_KING_Nipple
Map DM-Obscorus Steven 'Heeee Man' Duncan
Map DM-Pazz0 PaZz0
Map DM-Pool{CBGB} Chris Barnett
Map DM-Station Gengar003
Map DM-SunkenSub Andrew "AmberEyes" Rohs
Map DM-TheGarage Scott (SpiritScott) Kelley
Map DM-VSK-RingOfKings][ [VSK]Elvis(mWa)
Map DOM-BauhausRocks64V2 Kaal979
Map DOM-BeastBETA Llewellyn 'Tanuki' Tai
Map Pack FeralNostalgiaPack Various
Map Pack GiantMap Pack #2 Various
Map Pack INF29man Maps Various
Map Pack Infiltration MapPack Full Various
Map Pack MapPack 1 0 For TUT 1 6 Various
Map Pack MapPack 1 1 For TUT 1 6 Various
Map MH-(_@_)-T2_Witka's_Wadi Jason "Jaymian" Julkowski
Map MH-(_@_)_Aliens_Xmas_Beta1SP (_@_)_Gay_Tails
Map MH-(_@_)_Easter_Bunny_fix (_@_)_Gay_Tails
Map MH-(_@_)_French_Village_V1 (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_IsvDeck1_LUCKY Myscha the Sleddog - MH(_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-(_@_)_LINKS_v7_c (_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-(_@_)_MJD_FIX Unknown
Map MH-(_@_)_Nevada_Fallout_V3 (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_Nevada_Nukestrike_V1 (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_PB5_crashdummy_V1 (_@_)_Spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_Valley_of_dead_PB6 (_@_)-Spatieman
Map MH-(BrK)Batalha some retard
Map MH-(SF)Cryptrunners_v1d Christian "Superfly" Pedersen
Map MH-(UTW)DinoCanyon [UTW]R@m$e$
Map MH-(UTW)FourEliminationChamber][ [UTW]R@m$e$
Map MH-[Rvsd]-TheGauntlet1 Polisher.J
Map MH-[WKA]SpaceMonsters (WKA)Da_Owl
Map MH-[WM]SpawnKill-2 DAG (War Master)
Map MH-AircraftCarriers-vb-2b1 Zencoder
Map MH-Alarm_fixV5 Sai
Map MH-AlarmLb Sai
Map MH-Andromeda-Ancient-Test1V Nr.2000
Map MH-Antalius Creavion
Map MH-AremisX Jake "ABU5E" McColl
Map MH-Asmodeus_Aions_RF EA_Elemental
Map MH-AsteroidComplex{fix}-umh S'moss
Map MH-ATAA0-(Obnoxious) Boom-Boy (BW)
Map MH-ATAA0-Classic Boom-Boy
Map MH-ATAA2-V3{fix} Boom-Boy
Map MH-Attacked4[v2]-umh Kevin Letz- (redo:gopostal w/permission)
Map MH-B99_MinasTirith BullDozer
Map MH-Baikal_V2 TYGRA
Map MH-BirdBrainedResearch <GF>-REX!! -&- DAG (War Master)
Map MH-Bridge Mier. ConversionNinja_Pirate
Map MH-BukieAntFarm bukie_
Map MH-BukieReactor! bukie_
Map MH-Chthonian DoDo_De4dB1rdY
Map MH-CitadelV2{fix} Timmypowergamer
Map MH-Crimson Russell "Ecstaticus" Masterton
Map MH-Crypt_Of_Night Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
Map MH-Cryptrunners{fix} Christian "Superfly" Pedersen
Map MH-CrystalMine Terraniux
Map MH-Dark_v2beta1_L-GT Jeremy War - Converted to MH(_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-Determination- {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-DKceremony_fix Myscha the Sleddog
Map MH-DKDasaCellars{fix} Myscha the Sleddog
Map MH-Dongeons1 DUSTIN
Map MH-fissionsmelter{fix} Grayson Edge
Map MH-FNB-Boxes-R-uSv0 FraGnBraG
Map MH-GolgothaAL_kai (^o^)
Map MH-Gramercy-X-v2-1 Chris Burgess
Map MH-GreatCastle+Fix Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
Map MH-HaloHaunted_DevilMH]Hard[ Tinytim (EditedThe Devil Is a Dj)
Map MH-Hebereke_Gaiden_Ver3-UM Unknown
Map MH-HellGauntletV3 Kevin Letz
Map MH-HotFootV4+ Steve Long (BW)
Map MH-Icy_Canyon Kenneth "Shrimp" Watson
Map MH-InfiltrationV2 Jaspos
Map MH-InscrutableCastle <GF>-REX!! -&- DAG (War Master)
Map MH-Invasion-at-work Lauren
Map MH-Invasion_4 Simon "EZkeel" West-Bulford (Original), Buggie (XV)
Map MH-KrallCellars]I[ {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-Lemmings-umh Unknown
Map MH-Lordz-beta [PTK]X-RAIDED
Map MH-MadMan_sWorld Unknown
Map MH-MadMansWorldSE Unknown
Map MH-Mazon-umh{fix} Shane Caudle [AS----->MH] L0wP1ng
Map MH-MHMayhemers(WIP) Unknown
Map MH-Miam Robin 'Rob' Pamart
Map MH-MiningOutPost4F Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
Map MH-MissionMonsterImposible-AlfaTest I.o.D.
Map MH-MJD_FIX3 Unknown
Map MH-MrTitan_V2fix Spiderfactory
Map MH-Nightfall{fix2} Unknown
Map MH-OMG_strikes_back_fix (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-OperationSaveSantaV2 Memsys + Vatcilli Zeitchef
Map MH-Planeshifter_fix NarkyBark edittedHIDE
Map MH-ProxyMoon_V2 Fallout ( Spiderfactory )
Map MH-Pyramid-fix2 Matt "Silencer" Murphy (MH|bah|BlackWolf)
Map MH-Pyramid-fix2 Matt "Silencer" Murphy (MH|bah|BlackWolf)
Map MH-ReloadedX Unknown
Map MH-ResearchLab RJGexplode
Map MH-Retarded-test++-Fix2_ some retard
Map MH-Retarded-UFE-beta03 Unknown
Map MH-RiseOfDead[NoDaytime] --=BliZz=-- + Lauren
Map MH-Ruins_Of_Naz-Mar(V1) --=BliZz=--
Map MH-Ruins_Of_Naz-Mar(V2) --=BliZz=-- , Lauren
Map MH-sacred_CORRIDORS_X Unknown
Map MH-SAKE_fix4 zeal=TUS=
Map mh-Signorincubo-Astreth Unknown
Map MH-Skaarj'sGraveyard_fix (^o^)
Map MH-Skaarj_Reactor(Test-v1) EA_Elemental & {MHM}HellFire
Map MH-SkaarjCastle_V2F_fix Andrew "Drew" Ross
Map MH-SkyLand3 Tomo & HIDE
Map MH-SpawnKill-2 DAG (War Master)
Map MH-ST-SeGrethValley{fix} Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
Map MH-Terraniux-Beta-03 Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
Map MH-TheFunhouse Tentacle-HunteR
Map MH-TheLanding1_fix Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce
Map MH-TheSunspireV2_Beta4 Juan Pancho Eekels ( RedesignedSpiderfactory )
Map MH-Toon3D Ian 'BliZz' Thomas
Map MH-TowerV0 Blitz
Map MH-TwinTower(SB) Originally T. Ahlen/moddedBarbie
Map MH-TwinTower(SB) Originally T. Ahlen/moddedBarbie (Rev. 5)
Map MH-TwinTower(SB) Originally T. Ahlen/moddedBarbie
Map MH-UM-Dogtown Edit-=]UM[=-Zipps*swe
Map MH-UM-FatherDougal_beta3 |bah| Salty Dog & "K" (MH ver. SGT-Tanker)
Map MH-UM-Mayhemers Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-NaliChancesPrt2 -=]UM[=-Puni$her
Map MH-UM-UltimateDoom Various
Map MH-UM-Unwanted Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-Undiscovered(v2) {MHM}:HellFire:
Map MH-UReal-V2 [886]Phobos
Map MH-UReal-V3 [886]Phobos
Map MH-Winter-Fixed Jinpachi
Map MH-XV-LaserV0 Edin 'Doc_EDo' Hozic (Original), Buggie (XV)
Map MH-XV-LaserV1 Edin 'Doc_EDo' Hozic
Map SCR-GavIndustry Gavinator
Map Pack Strangelove OldskoolNY Mappack Various
Map TH-CountryAbode Brad Jacobs
Map TH-ToB_Payback DarkProject-=:ToB:=-
Map TO-Facillity Unknown
Map UNF-Ammunition Thade Drakshon ]Bs[Thade
Map Pack Ut Bt Ladder Mappack2 Various
Map Pack UT Winterpack CTF 2006 Various
Map Pack WFUT Freelance MapPack101 Various
Map Pack Xidia Gold Final Various

Files File

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Usages (23)

Type Name Author
Map DM-Beast][ Llewellyn 'Tanuki' Tai
Map MH-(MHA)MemorysOfNapali-FirstPart Cliff Bleszinski
Map MH-(UTW)Opel_Manta [UTW]R@m$e$
Map MH-Adventure-Night[Final] Terraniux
Map MH-AsteroidComplex RJ
Map MH-HTD-Human_PreyS Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-HTD-Lost_Tomb Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-HTD-SecTor-9 Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-MonsterHuntMayhem Various
Map MH-NodeInvaders DoDo_De4dB1rdY
Map MH-November_AI Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon (original), Nelsona (MH version)
Map MH-Posseumus_R Nobody, I think...
Map MH-Redemption (^o^)
Map MH-Terraniux-Beta-25 Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
Map MH-UM-Kamikaze Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-KillBox Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-LongCorridor2 [SW]strangelove + -=]UM[=-Hitman
Map MH-UM-OpelManta [UTW]R@m$e$
Map MH-UM-Queens Kenneth "Shrimp" Watson
Map MH-UM-The Great Escape Boom-Boy
Map MH-X(X)-Mineshaft Xenoyia - x(x)

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16.7 MB

Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map DM-SleepyTown T. "LeTigre" Ahlen....RebuiltByJIM236