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InfoMap Pack Information

SiegeMapPack 20110917
Capture The Flag
August 2010
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Nali Temple
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Tech
40% 40% 40% 40% 40% Industrial
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Ancient
30% 30% 30% 30% 30% Natural
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Skaarj Tech
10% 10% 10% 10% 10% Nali Castle
102.5 MB


Name Title Author
CTF-'uK-Bathrooms][FIXED][ Bathrooms |uK| areku
CTF-'uK-BraveHeart[REVISED] CTF-'uK-BraveHeart[REVISED] Unknown
CTF-'uK-BraveHeartUltimateV5 CTF-'uK-BraveHeartUltimateV5 Unknown
CTF-'uK-HillFortsV5 HillForts |uK| Big_Balou - ed: |uK|-.<
CTF-'uK-LavaSiegeV2 |uK| Lava Siege Unreal Killers
CTF-'uK-MiniCivilWarV3]FIXED[ |uK|Civil War |uK|Smokey
CTF-'uK-Orbital[Sieged] Orbital Station |uK| Dave Ewing -- |uK|-.<
CTF-'uK-Orbital][ Orbital Station |uK| Dave Ewing -- |uK|areku
CTF-'uK-Relentless CTF-'uK-Relentless Sabre EditedDeathHunter
CTF-'uK-ShitVember |uK| Blue-Vember Remodified|uK|
CTF-'uK-Simplex][ |uK| Simplex |uK|areku -.<
CTF-(DH)Everest CTF-(DH)Everest DeathHunter
CTF-[4]-'uK-Bathrooms][ Bathrooms |uK| 4-Bases areku
CTF-[4]-'uK-Faces Facing Worlds 4 Bases unrealkillers.com
CTF-[4]-'uK-MiniCivilWarV3! |uK|CivilWar 4 unrealKillers.com
CTF-[4]-Face2 Facing Worlds ][ 4 Bases ConvertedRed Dwarf
CTF-[4]-Lego4ever Lego4ever Maarten 'Eagle' Tops
CTF-[4]-Lucius - Lucius' Pit - Peter "Clay" Nederlof & David Catmull
CTF-[4]-NovemberCommand CTF4-NovemberCommand ConversionPaul "icepick59" Fritts
CTF-[C]BeerWars BeerWars[SIEGED] Cube`Crypsis`
CTF-[C]Firepot][ [C] FirePot Unknown
CTF-[C]FortificationV13 Fortification Cube
CTF-[C]Niven Niven [SIEGED] Cube"Crypsis"
CTF-BadNeighborsUltimateV4 Bad Neighbors Ultimate -SK-
CTF-BadNeighborsV2 Bad Neighbors V2 Eric 'Sataninski' Dahl
CTF-BathroomsUltimate Bathrooms Ultimate -SK-
CTF-Bathvember Bathvember Freeze
CTF-BlackRiver2a[Siege] Black River Big_Balou
CTF-BlackRiverUltimateV5 Black River Ultimate OriginalBig_Balou, RemakeSK
CTF-BlueCommandX4 Blue Command OriginalMyscha, SiegedSK
CTF-BlueVember Blue-Vember ModifiedChop Suey
CTF-Burning CTF B-U-R-N-I-N-G DeathCircus & Burner
CTF-Burning2012 *** B-U-R-N-I-N-G 2-0-1-2 *** SK
CTF-Clarion Clarion Garrett Manning (MoldyToe)
CTF-Clarion[SwS] Clarion [SwS] Siege Version Natan Medeiros'Fusie' Falbo
CTF-ClarionUltimateV5 Clarion Ultimate OriginalMoldyToe, RemakeSK
CTF-Control-[SIEGE] Control[SIEGED] Cube
CTF-Coret Coret Facility Alan 'Talisman' Willard
CTF-Crater[Siege]V2 Crater Lady Sophie
CTF-DavinciRuis][ CTF-DavinciRuis][ Unknown
CTF-Face[SpawnkillfreeV3] Facing Worlds Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
CTF-HillForts[Siege] HillForts Big_Balou
CTF-IcebergOutpostBeta Iceberg Outpost W!TcH.DoCTaR.DooM
CTF-Masteroid[ReSieged]V2 CTF-Masteroid Niklas "TheJokeR" Nolte
CTF-McSwartzly2004]II[x McSwartzly's Base]I[ (2004 Edition) Patrick 'KillRoy' Buijs
CTF-MiniClarion][ MiniClarion nOs*Grandpa
CTF-RedCommandX4 Red Command OriginalMyscha, SiegedSK
CTF-Thornsv8-Sieged Thornsv8-Sieged Edit By: Exiled

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
Ambient.uax 9.3 MB acdec7ddac9576310ebd1045b30aa8eaaaee3315 208
AmBrosia.utx 1.4 MB f467e215a8d9e9d61be950c9d1c92883387aab11 66
Braveheart.utx 676.9 KB c655669d1b36628707ab7c6e765556346c0ddb77 75
chicoruinspack(D).utx 3.0 MB ede065a0fc344030c307ca0f6a72efe890aff175 57
chicoruinspack(S).utx 2.9 MB 02ccc7d058e1161b7b56e01e93583bb10c7c6fbc 5
CommandFX.utx 478.5 KB 1493cb634be44df36605f7b0e95f1608e1264ea3 9
CoretFXYG.utx 443.7 KB 3c81c591a26f44fc2e200aec874b2fcb916ec997 11
CTF-'uK-Bathrooms][FIXED][.unr 2.4 MB 50e979e28c8672949543feed324386c89a856435 -
CTF-'uK-BraveHeart[REVISED].unr 1.6 MB 4f8a909d3b82c5654df45939402a1c6bcf170883 1
CTF-'uK-BraveHeartUltimateV5.unr 13.1 MB 519053aa50a7fb97045d72020bd6700899d3a2da -
CTF-'uK-HillFortsV5.unr 2.9 MB aa5737f9d6c9641e3292bf4f8ec6a0fb82ad9416 -
CTF-'uK-LavaSiegeV2.unr 1.6 MB 175534fa1af4826231f4889a18ed1013676b5dfd -
CTF-'uK-MiniCivilWarV3]FIXED[.unr 1.2 MB 877c338996f28f4c3bea2fd1f0491019239620d5 -
CTF-'uK-Orbital[Sieged].unr 3.4 MB 83450817f896840ec8fe72195f4c07147a5dca4f -
CTF-'uK-Orbital][.unr 3.0 MB dc2ed1bd74a646f31c6df12c303e23e6d66b4d53 -
CTF-'uK-Relentless.unr 1.5 MB 124663fa742f865735e240bc0a59d571fa9e181d -
CTF-'uK-ShitVember.unr 3.0 MB b86635ddb00050d27c3ed90235d2e5812d16f770 1
CTF-'uK-Simplex][.unr 3.2 MB dc18967176eefb7ca91b983361da0bebe70c0948 -
CTF-(DH)Everest.unr 2.8 MB cd5ee4504b47c1d492007555ea44b3a7f83f6404 -
CTF-[4]-'uK-Bathrooms][.unr 3.9 MB 78eb9eb54117a3e47b4779e1617e75c47bc21a73 1
CTF-[4]-'uK-Faces.unr 2.4 MB bde9644829d675cdb34bbb18e2a5ddba9ede3122 2
CTF-[4]-'uK-MiniCivilWarV3!.unr 1.5 MB 71464c4ea49173e49bbe9865b9bfe3f6054e2dcd 2
CTF-[4]-Face2.unr 3.0 MB bbfffeab8c3fa07d9b6a5ee5858c60e25c1acf81 5
CTF-[4]-Lego4ever.unr 5.1 MB ca1343c59cae3deced47016d4e0e17a535c1e5e4 3
CTF-[4]-Lucius.unr 3.9 MB a14b2948effce926b33b23d569e56b451426c236 5
CTF-[4]-NovemberCommand.unr 6.0 MB ff2b671d8d31048a513f9bbc7b8df73c4503baf8 4
CTF-[C]BeerWars.unr 947.3 KB eb30d9c7f7bb391c034ee4579cd81deb65d20dc1 -
CTF-[C]Firepot][.unr 1.8 MB fee318230768b4de5c72928489e09016746b87fa -
CTF-[C]FortificationV13.unr 6.5 MB 9f347e06d9834ca2e883ce4c8a344f631654d560 -
CTF-[C]Niven.unr 1.9 MB b80a7c5512a8460474dce26d59416a971ff21ccf -
CTF4.u 907.4 KB 9ee0f8dbcf1a40e0ec41147e4b57ccb2787dec3c 11
CTF4Team.utx 2.8 MB 1812064a7f8f14b0d9ffe1e114d2992ac05e4b8d 9
CTF-BadNeighborsUltimateV4.unr 7.1 MB 60a8c61a08e83bc8bb34a3e1899fa223b8a4a6d8 -
CTF-BadNeighborsV2.unr 1.7 MB 125a07a1d1ea0a4be1ee4dfe13a3d7debcd52c17 5
CTF-BathroomsUltimate.unr 7.9 MB 25788548c9f8098c5f1977873c301109786c89c2 -
CTF-Bathvember.unr 1.8 MB 1ee6da7bea2cf925048302cddf05f382f88fbfb5 -
CTF-BlackRiver2a[Siege].unr 2.2 MB f17e06220723adb0d1e2a2719846d5ad0111715b 2
CTF-BlackRiverUltimateV5.unr 9.7 MB fea20d1e3ae68c29ebbbfa75377eda9313935a37 -
CTF-BlueCommandX4.unr 2.8 MB 8aa65da83fec521b243efb9d123eb7f9dc386877 -
CTF-BlueVember.unr 2.7 MB fe1618dbada257c1a3d54592638d9cd1636268f5 2
CTF-Burning.unr 1.3 MB c410fcd542546c53aab394186bf44f03d6cf8b5f 5
CTF-Burning2012.unr 7.2 MB 318b70f96b2fd2ed5b52daf3f00ce76064a1f025 -
CTF-Clarion.unr 1.5 MB 41a851fc4a28ef3b792ec1ec19e66d8b70dd9cf7 3
CTF-Clarion[SwS].unr 2.4 MB 5eb0cf8aa6863de9a9968666b18178c4b1abf4c7 1
CTF-ClarionUltimateV5.unr 6.7 MB 9afafd87d753b01eed780b7620603b5cad9f8296 -
CTF-Control-[SIEGE].unr 636.4 KB ae53bc5fc40a5ccfd7218af77f602b63bc170f25 -
CTF-Coret.unr 3.3 MB 28b89d9c329f3777fb0de2cd160f81dd94ec39b8 -
CTF-Crater[Siege]V2.unr 795.5 KB e34d3fced0c39fb27488381c72c0c22419666c1d -
CTF-DavinciRuis][.unr 1.2 MB f49adb72112da1ea52646d82f3fab4f69205f010 1
CTF-Face[SpawnkillfreeV3].unr 1000.1 KB b936d467149687912f0a9ee3bb4041cbd5b06d55 -
CTF-HillForts[Siege].unr 2.6 MB 803a811c80e8c7a906e09743986843b86bb29360 1
CTF-IcebergOutpostBeta.unr 2.7 MB e9230f1897be7f200298391d1ad79f695cb5b92a -
CTF-Masteroid[ReSieged]V2.unr 1.3 MB aa2cf8984bb16b74aa7773ae8f20287aee16010c -
CTF-McSwartzly2004]II[x.unr 3.2 MB e91ffbabc7dff700795e129517e1fcc92c46730e -
CTF-MiniClarion][.unr 2.1 MB 192c3f0ade57e849c48a56c5004ef04b24f6871f 1
CTF-RedCommandX4.unr 3.6 MB 8c9f2ecccd50a26548dc327c929bdd8182b209fb -
CTF-ThornsV2[RE-SIEGED].unr 699.1 KB b49cdce7b8b3ee52af8e86b16d7992576066da9a -
CTF-Thornsv8-Sieged.unr 876.2 KB 9e7321293fd4fcc1341a3a105080eb4647120b41 -
davinci.utx 129.6 KB eb1fd3256c413066dd612737f1a9f1313671828c 1
DoorsSnd.uax 5.1 MB cc80f1d49cae18b2d4d90a41651fd47e4ac54422 591
ds_can_u_b.umx 1.9 MB a77fc19d2b7dbe8fec956673495cfad7500658f6 28
dusk.umx 577.9 KB b4df8d898dd90db2abc052df3ca94a065ed0f931 2
Eversmok.umx 777.2 KB cebd445a9b0fb87bfb91c5258586cb8e77be8dc4 60
FlagMutator.u 6.4 KB 625c8603a750ef3e6e2307b97519ff35c01ebc00 1
FRZ_Iceotope.utx 2.0 MB 99073d8ffe07e8fd2991d1a010fbfe096424936b 27
GreatFireFace.utx 88.4 KB 7abe87b26bd861d0a3eeb55fcca0e6fd75fe3520 11
GreatFireFaceGreen.utx 1.8 KB d4573096c0d1ada92f5642e66dcb93f318d7fc10 6
GreatFireFaceRed.utx 1.8 KB fc492865835c5e195b10a9758c5c1e3ce219edd2 8
Lego.utx 1.2 MB b58aa89c048338f319ceb7da2ec21de5c336f17e 33
LegoGreen.utx 273.2 KB 4854933e18a72a7f4b27eb08fe59fe9d44203d65 5
Moroset.umx 566.7 KB 735879aafeecf8796c0ee69d9bc94d9fa8781e48 64
MvO_SoCold.umx 5.8 MB 0e1b77473dc67c333c746c1e6a661dc4eb38ead8 12
Nightmare.umx 2.5 MB e858a87301a6681bce2b76e8ad2686ac7944b18a 11
nos.utx 65.4 KB bdbc776c4592c4999b994524844925af21de00bc 1
sgMedia.u 1.3 MB e18331bfa1d3b3e14aa4bfe729f3aabae19e8506 14
sgMedia2.u 260.9 KB f076a7b66f301d3c4a439e0ff2681f957a10d780 11
ShaneChurch2.utx 5.5 MB 3e27da717f0e0bd8dc50691afbe2b442fbb31071 33
SiegeXtremeLiteRC2.u 4.2 MB 4e82f585e18d22625c15ff1a0e250125188e3b31 3
sky.utx 4.0 MB 76f55cbb2d7a17ec74e59636831413edb3cd8c8a 550
SoNY_Texures1.utx 3.2 MB 46ec7bccf2af371dd8f0ae47cf7b3d3a7d1d74eb 11
Stronger.umx 4.8 MB 1b838db5692a4067ea53d50a3bb6865b5e1d4732 1
sws.utx 86.9 KB bbe64caf58cba658fe2099a0ac28e88dc8722afc 1
uK_Logosv2.utx 173.5 KB 1a2be4a78032293a10a082427a3fbeb3d1b3d80c 12
uK_Logosv4.utx 346.7 KB 7010618d6eac9696f12faab237b2487d04854fff 10
WizKhalifa.umx 4.9 MB edc75c0f8f814bb273774e2baed4f2b81f8b35cb 2

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  ONPFootsteps MISSING File is not included
  Braveheart OK File is included
  Eversmok OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  Braveheart OK File is included
  Eversmok OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  Eversmok OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  DoorsSnd OK File is included
  MvO_SoCold OK File is included
  SoNY_Texures1 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  Stronger OK File is included
  uK_Logosv4 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  Ambient OK File is included
  AmBrosia OK File is included
  Braveheart OK File is included
  SoNY_Texures1 OK File is included
  WizKhalifa OK File is included
  CTF4Team OK File is included
  GreatFireFace OK File is included
  GreatFireFaceGreen OK File is included
  GreatFireFaceRed OK File is included
  uK_Logosv4 OK File is included
  DoorsSnd OK File is included
  MvO_SoCold OK File is included
  SoNY_Texures1 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv4 OK File is included
  CommandFX OK File is included
  CoretFXYG OK File is included
  GreatFireFace OK File is included
  CTF4 OK File is included
  Lego OK File is included
  LegoGreen OK File is included
  Nightmare OK File is included
  CTF4 OK File is included
  CTF4Team OK File is included
  CTF4Team OK File is included
  SGTech1 MISSING File is not included
  SoNY_Texures1 OK File is included
  uK_Logosv4 OK File is included
  FlagMutator OK File is included
  Moroset OK File is included
  ShaneChurch2 OK File is included
  SiegeXtremeLiteRC2 OK File is included
  sws OK File is included
  dusk OK File is included
  chicoruinspack(D) OK File is included
  chicoruinspack(S) OK File is included
  davinci OK File is included
  ds_can_u_b OK File is included
  sky OK File is included
  FRZ_Iceotope OK File is included
  uK_Logosv2 OK File is included
  nos OK File is included
  sgMedia OK File is included
  sgMedia2 OK File is included
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