Maps / Unreal Tournament / Multi-Team CTF / A

Map Title Author Players
CTF4-A-I-F-O CTF4-Arse-I-Fell-Off Itchy-Muff 2-4 Has images
CTF4-Absolution CTF4-Absolution icepick59 10-16 Has images
CTF4-Acrophobia Acrophobia Maarten 'Eagle' Tops 8 - 16 Has images
CTF4-andACTION CTF4 and ACTION! CTF4 conversion by SiNiSTeR 4-12 Has images
CTFM-AF-CyberFace-100 CTFM-AF-CyberFace Action-Force© Studios 4-12 Has images
CTFM-AJ Evil Escher Pyramids in Space Andrew Jacobs, Doctored by Evil God Knows How Many Has images
CTFM-Ancient --Ancient-- DC-DeathCircus (Extra light effects by Hyperion) 4-12 Has images
CTFM-AncientTitan The Ancient Titan Robin Pamart 4-16 Has images
CTFM-AncientTitanV110 The Ancient Titan Robin 'Rob' Pamart 8-16 Has images
CTFM-andACTION andACTION - CTFM Conversion by "Karlos" Unknown, CTFM Conversion by "Karlos" 8-16 Has images
CTFM-Antartic Antartic Bases - Multi CTF Edition Cedric "Snoop" Pierron 4 teams of 6 Has images
CTFM-Aquamid][ Return to Aquamid Cory Spooner 'TheSpoonDog' 12-16 Has images
CTFM-Astrode Astéroïde Crokx 4x4 => 16 Has images
CTFM-Atoll Atoll Bram 'Leto II' Verbiest 16 - 32 Has images