Maps / Unreal Tournament / Multi-Team CTF / D

Map Title Author Players
CTF4-DiamondSword Diamond Sword (converted by Eagle) 'ArKile' + 'INFERNO' 16-32 Has images
CTF4-DiamondSword][ Diamond Sword (converted by Eagle) 'ArKile' + 'INFERNO' 16-32 Has images
CTF4-Dojo Dojo CMG Lee 12 Has images
CTFM-DarkShip Skaarj DarkShip C├ędric "Snoop" Pierron 4 teams of 4-5 Has images
CTFM-Deck16][ MultiCTF - Deck16][ DM-Deck16][ <MOiN>_Lord`Coloth 8-16 Has images
CTFM-DerivedStation Derived Station Crokx 4x4 => 16 Has images
CTFM-Dominate CTFM-Dominate Cliff Bleszinski (Converted by Lord Riff Raff) Unknown Has images
CTFM-DoubleDefence Double Defense! RJGexplode A LOT!!! Has images
CTFM-Drearylike A Drearylike Map Robin 'Rob' Pamart 16-32 Has images
CTFM-Dwang The map revered as "Dwango" Fred Bickford a.k.a "SS_DeCoNtRoL" 6