Maps / Unreal Tournament / Multi-Team CTF / M

Map Title Author Players
CTF4-Maze The Maze of Egnatia Raiden_gl 10-17 Has images
CTF4-ModernEvil CTF4-ModernEvil Unknown Unknown Has images
CTF4-MountainWindMills Mountain Wind Mills Deepak O V 4-8 Has images
CTFM-Mall Mall Andy "Darkinnit" Davison 24 Has images
CTFM-Mazon MultiCTF - Mazon Fortress AS-Mazon <MOiN>_Lord`Coloth 12-16 Has images
CTFM-MetalDream Metal Dream Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino changed by Rens2Sea for MultiCTF 4-16 Has images
CTFM-Modern Modern Crokx 4x4 => 16 Has images
CTFM-Modern][ Modern][ Crokx 4x4 => 16 Has images
CTFM-Morita CTFM-Morita - Conversion by Karlos Original map by David Montwe 8-16 Has images
CTFM-Morpheus Morpheus Thespoondog 16 Has images
CTFM-Mortal MorTal Crokx 4x2 => 8 Has images
CTFM-Mountains Mountains Crokx 4x4 => 16 Has images