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Type Name Author
Map Pack Castle Maps Various
Map CTF-BT-Deimos -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-YuLiberte Zanmato
Map DM-!BS_4bbidenCity *BS*Striker & *BS*SlurrySauce
Map DM-(ASC)Recruiters-IslandV2 (ASC)Lothar_Fuffzyn
Map DM-1on1-xxxJennaJameson-Pornstar- * Pornstar *
Map Pack Ebwjet Dom Mappack David Narimanidze
Map Pack Final Worlds v1.01 Electro Software
Map MH-(_@_)-T2_Witka's_Wadi Jason "Jaymian" Julkowski
Map MH-(_@_)_Aliens_Xmas_Beta1SP (_@_)_Gay_Tails
Map MH-(_@_)_IsvDeck1_LUCKY Myscha the Sleddog - MH by (_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-(_@_)_KillBeforeXmas_medium_v1 [sSs]Clan Mappers
Map MH-(_@_)_LINKS_v7_c (_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-(_@_)_MJD_FIX Unknown
Map MH-(_@_)_Nevada_Fallout_V3 (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_Nevada_Nukestrike_V1 (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_Panic_Beta1 Christopher Link
Map MH-(_@_)_PB5_crashdummy_V1 (_@_)_Spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_Spronx'sDeadCity2 .:..:
Map MH-(_@_)_Stargate_v1-umh (_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-(_@_)_Valley_of_dead_PB6 (_@_)-Spatieman
Map MH-(BrK)Batalha some retard
Map MH-(MHA)MemorysOfNapali-FirstPart Cliff Bleszinski
Map MH-(Ph)TheMines Unknown
Map MH-[WM]SpawnKill-2 DAG (War Master)
Map MH-Alarm_fixV5 Sai
Map MH-AlarmLb Sai
Map MH-AncientFutureV2 {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-Andromeda-Ancient-Test1V Nr.2000
Map MH-AnewHope-MM- TheDane
Map MH-Asmodeus_Aions_RF EA_Elemental
Map MH-ATAA2-V3{fix} Boom-Boy
Map MH-Attacked4[v2]-umh Kevin Letz- (redo:gopostal w/permission)
Map MH-Baikal_V2 TYGRA
Map MH-BGXRAoulhuntmaze2 Unknown
Map MH-BirdBrainedResearch <GF>-REX!! -&- DAG (War Master)
Map MH-Bridge Mier. Conversion by Ninja_Pirate
Map MH-Candy_Backintime RJGexplode
Map MH-Chthonian DoDo_De4dB1rdY
Map MH-Dark_v2beta1_L-GT Jeremy War - Converted to MH by (_@_)_LUCKY
Map MH-EscherstairBETA Scify
Map MH-Escherstairmonsterhuntbeta1 Scify
Map MH-fissionsmelter{fix} Grayson Edge
Map MH-GoldenGirl-WASTED+Fix4 Denise
Map MH-GolgothaAL_kai (^o^)
Map MH-Guardia Cliff Bleszinski
Map MH-HaloHaunted_DevilMH]Hard[ Tinytim (Edited By The Devil Is a Dj)
Map MH-HellGauntletV3 Kevin Letz
Map MH-HTD-Human_PreyS Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-HTD-Lost_Tomb Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-HTD-SecTor-9 Michael "Jimbo" Cordingley
Map MH-IceSkaarj-Attack-UTJMH RJGexplode
Map MH-InfiltrationV2 Jaspos
Map MH-InscrutableCastle <GF>-REX!! -&- DAG (War Master)
Map MH-KrallCellars]I[ {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-LandsOfNapali Nivlek/Pancho/Derdak2rot
Map MH-Lego-VS-Mario-2D&3D Ian 'BliZz' Thomas
Map MH-Lemmings-umh Unknown
Map MH-MadMan_sWorld Unknown
Map MH-MHMayhemers(WIP) Unknown
Map MH-Miam Robin 'Rob' Pamart
Map MH-MJD_FIX3 Unknown
Map MH-MonsterHuntMayhem Various
Map MH-Nightfall{fix2} Unknown
Map MH-NodeInvaders DoDo_De4dB1rdY
Map MH-November_AI Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon (original), Nelsona (MH version)
Map MH-NP04Hyperion{fix} Hyperion & DavidM & Tonnberry
Map MH-OldThings Unknown
Map MH-PanicfixV3 Christopher Link
Map MH-Planeshifter_fix NarkyBark editted by HIDE
Map MH-Portal(part1) gopostal
Map MH-Posseumus_R Nobody, I think...
Map MH-ProxyMoon_V2 Fallout ( Spiderfactory )
Map MH-Redemption (^o^)
Map MH-ResearchLab RJGexplode
Map MH-Retarded-test++-Fix2_ some retard
Map MH-Retarded-UFE-beta03 Unknown
Map MH-RiseOfDead[NoDaytime] --=BliZz=-- + Lauren
Map MH-Ruins_Of_Naz-Mar(V1) --=BliZz=--
Map MH-Ruins_Of_Naz-Mar(V2) --=BliZz=-- , Lauren
Map MH-SkaarjCastle_V2F_fix Andrew "Drew" Ross
Map MH-SpawnKill-2 DAG (War Master)
Map MH-ST-SeGrethValley{fix} Kimmo "Cardiologist" Kontto
Map MH-StarshipTroopers_FIX Fix by --=BliZz=--
Map MH-Steel_Hell-V2+ unknown
Map MH-Sunken_ShipX Tentacle-HunteR
Map MH-Tashara3_fix [SkW]-=Griffin=-
Map MH-TempleOfNod The Chief7
Map MH-Terraniux-Beta-03 Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
Map MH-Terraniux-Beta-25 Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
Map MH-TheFunhouse Tentacle-HunteR
Map MH-TheLanding1_fix Mike "Hellscrag" Wilberforce
Map MH-TheOutpost TYGRA
Map MH-TheSunspireV2_Beta4 Juan Pancho Eekels ( Redesigned by Spiderfactory )
Map MH-Thra_Fortress Converted By --=BliZz=--
Map MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod Converted By --=BliZz=--/Fixes by Barbie
Map MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod2 Converted By --=BliZz=--/Fixes by Barbie
Map MH-Toon3D Ian 'BliZz' Thomas
Map MH-UM-Barons-Castle Boon-qiv-
Map MH-UM-FatherDougal_beta3 |bah| Salty Dog & "K" (MH ver. SGT-Tanker)
Map MH-UM-Mayhemers Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-MonsterNightmare Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-NaliChancesPrt2 -=]UM[=-Puni$her
Map MH-UM-Shhsting Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-UltimateDoom Various
Map MH-UPSX-E2L6 Matthew Kagle (mod by Leo)
Map MH-Winter-Fixed Jinpachi