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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

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Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
DavidMGras.utx TEXTURE 4.2 MB d2068bf5a9edcc57ba6ce15c5c9cd350494c4034 39
DavidMGras.utx TEXTURE 1.6 MB 972926e857be7c1182a12e147e76c7e477f7ad91 1

Files File

4.2 MB

Usages (39)

Type Name Author
Map BT+(CN)SixteenYards-EZ [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT+(CN)SixteenYards-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-(CN)Uncapturable [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-(SON)Vortex-vF BT-VersionSolsikke
Map CTF-BT+(CN)SixteenYards-EZ [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)SixteenYards-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)Stargate-SG1-vF [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)WhatLiesBelow [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)WhatLiesBelow-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)WhatLiesBelow-v3 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Stargate-SG1 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Stargate-SG1-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Uncapturable [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(SON)Vortex-vF2 BT-VersionSolsikke
Map CTF-BT-NightFall-V2 -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-NightFall][ -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-NightFall][-EZ -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-Oracle -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-Skirmish -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-Wipeout! The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-Wipeout!-v2 The Roel-R
Map dm-osiria Alex [Lok] Dessureault
Map GothicResurrection Rob 'Doublez-Down' Collins
Map GothicResurrectionSE Rob 'Doublez-Down' Collins
Map Pack MH Mappack 06 Various
Map MH-(dU)LostParadiseV5 HellFire
Map MH-LostParadiseV2 HellFire
Map MH-Nagrath HellFire
Map MH-NP04Hyperion Hyperion & DavidM & Tonnberry
Map MH-NP04Hyperion{fix} Hyperion & DavidM & Tonnberry
Map MH-Skaarj'sGraveyard_fix (^o^)
Map MH-TGES[1-2]{Cygma-N}REINTERPRETATION Cygma-N with Boom-Boy
Map MH-TGES[1-2]{Cygma-N}REINTERPRETATION Cygma-N with Boom-Boy
Map MH-Thra_Fortress Converted--=BliZz=--
Map MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod Converted--=BliZz=--/FixesBarbie
Map MH-Thra_Fortress+SBMod2 Converted--=BliZz=--/FixesBarbie
Map MH-TrickyV2 {MHM}HellFire`
Map Pack Project Xenome part 1 & 2 Jazzyb
Map Pack TMH Mappack Part 2 Various

Files File

1.6 MB

Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map DM-Harobed Scott "Deathschy_Hell" Hrivnak