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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
BT.utx TEXTURE 2.4 MB 831aef1a8b08c2306ece9a13b9ed16f01113a76b 90
BT.u CODE 30.0 KB e58351cc5a0bed06865d3a040a75bbc00d8c5642 2

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2.4 MB

Usages (90)

Type Name Author
Map BT+(bar)code (lllCllollldll3lll)
Map BT+(RS)FourChambers Red Samurai
Map BT+(XX)Jump Xanx
Map BT-(bar)Hahaha! |llCllo|l|dll3ll|
Map BT-(HA)Nonstop HAITZE
Map BT-[u4g]Labyrinth [u4g]Reaper_EvE
Map BT-[u4g]LabyrinthV2 [u4g]Reaper_EvE
Map BT-SubwayCBa Meteora
Map CTF-(Kraken)ChaosV2 Ray 'Kraken' Newton
Map CTF-(UTW)SXeArena [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-(UTW)SXeArena [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(alc)TheEvulYard Alchemist
Map CTF-BT+(bar)code (lllCllollldll3lll)
Map CTF-BT+(bar)code-fix (lllCllollldll3lll)
Map CTF-BT+(RS)FourChambers Red Samurai
Map CTF-BT+(UTW)A-K-v2 [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(UTW)A-K-vF [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(UTW)MerryChristmas2018 [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(UTW)MerryChristmas2018-EZ [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT+(XX)Jump Xanx
Map CTF-BT+(XX)Jump-v3 Xanx
Map CTF-BT-(bar)Hahaha! |llCllo|l|dll3ll|
Map CTF-BT-(bar)Hahaha!(HV) |llCllo|l|dll3ll|
Map CTF-BT-(BH-Roel)BlackPyramids-v2b BlackHunter and The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-(Cals)ExTRaTERresTriAl {sBTs}CallaO
Map CTF-BT-(Cals)ExTRaTERresTriAl_fix3 {sBTs}CallaO
Map CTF-BT-(LT)FOUR L "Night Terror" T
Map CTF-BT-(Mon-Ch)Basics_i4g Monsta-Cheely
Map CTF-BT-(Mon-Ch)Still-BorN-v2 -Cheely and Monsta^k-
Map CTF-BT-(RAP)Lab-X175 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-(Rp)-CTTT][-final -rp0-
Map CTF-BT-(Rp)-CTTT][-final -rp0-
Map CTF-BT-(Rp)-CTTT][-vpractice -rp0-
Map CTF-BT-(RSK)-MoreFun Red_Smoke
Map CTF-BT-(RSK)-MoreFun-fix2 Red_Smoke
Map CTF-BT-(SAFe)Decadence-v4 SAFeCRACKeR
Map CTF-BT-(SAFe)Decadence-vF SAFeSTeR - #FBT2
Map CTF-BT-(SL)Endurance Slee
Map CTF-BT-(T)Excentric-v2 -(BT)-Tivi$
Map CTF-BT-(UTW)Compilation [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT-(UTW)My_Second_Map-vF [UTW]R@m$e$
Map CTF-BT-(wB)NaliStyle! wHiTeBoY
Map CTF-BT-(wB)SheGGinG~HeLL-v4 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-(ZC)Ditch-v2 ZeRo_CoOl
Map CTF-BT-[T-BIG]-Egout_city_dbl Unknown
Map CTF-BT-[u4g]LabyrinthV2 [u4g]Reaper_EvE
Map CTF-BT-A'World-fix Unknown
Map CTF-BT-A'World-test2 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-A'World-vF2 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Abstract-i4g dunno
Map CTF-BT-Abstract-i4g-v2 dunno
Map CTF-BT-AfterLife Dark-jojo
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins-VF Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins-VF_fix Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-Aristocratic-vF
Map CTF-BT-BlitzAce Bl!tzy
Map CTF-BT-Booker-v2 Booker
Map CTF-BT-CastleOfTheDcW-dbl2 {DcW}*XviD* For My Clan DcW
Map CTF-BT-CastleOfTheDcW-test2 {DcW}*XviD* For My Clan DcW
Map CTF-BT-City!ntro-vF2 Soulhunter / Epic Games
Map CTF-BT-CursedSanctuary Justing ''SourCe'' Koropit
Map CTF-BT-Dont-Fall-test Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Dont-Fall-test2 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Dont-Fall_Fix Unknown
Map CTF-BT-FortressOfTheDcW-dbl {DcW}*XviD* For My DcW
Map CTF-BT-FortressOfTheDcW-fix {DcW}*XviD* For My DcW
Map CTF-BT-FortressOfTheDcW-test3 {DcW}*XviD* For My DcW
Map CTF-BT-GREENY-REloadED Blue-Ice & CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-PlastmeBaby Tgz://Plasterer
Map CTF-BT-SpeedBunny-fix Union
Map CTF-BT-Subway Meteora
Map CTF-BT-Superheroes10 Lady*Stardust'!..'Q~
Map CTF-BT-Superheroes1o0 Lady*Stardust'!..'Q~
Map CTF-BT-Superheroes1o0 Lady*Stardust'!..'Q~
Map CTF-BT-Violent_i4g [[DsK]]HEAT
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk70 Various
Map MH-DKDasaCellars{fix} Myscha the Sleddog
Map MH-EscherstairBETA Scify
Map MH-Escherstairmonsterhuntbeta1 Scify
Map MH-IceSkaarj-Attack-UTJMH RJGexplode
Map MH-Lego-VS-Mario-2D&3D Ian 'BliZz' Thomas
Map MH-MHMayhemers(WIP) Unknown
Map MH-MJD_FIX3 Unknown
Map MH-UM-Mayhemers Bret "Hitman" Hart

Files File

30.0 KB

Usages (2)

Type Name Author
Map CTF-BT+(XX)Jump-v2 Xanx
Map CTF-BT+(XX)Jump-v3 Xanx