Maps / Unreal Tournament / Tactical Ops / S

Map Title Author Players
SW-AirportTerror Airport Terror Werner Poetzelberger Converted By OuT-Of-LuCk 6-24 Has images
sw-ButtFuckBackyard sw-ButtFuckBackyard Stefan "Lütti" Lüttringhaus 2 - 12 Has images
sw-Cave_Escape sw-Cave_Escape Unknown Unknown
SW-Chemical_Warfare_Facility Blitzkrieg - Chemical Warfare Facility Real Hatred 10-16 Has images
SW-CityStreetLarge R6:City Street large(Training Camp) Yury JIP 4-6 Has images
SW-DownTown DownTown DeadEnd City KAIN 10 Has images
SW-Factory Tactical Ops - Factory Matthijs Meerman - 8 - 12 Has images
SW-MallRats Mall Rats KAIN 8 Has images
SW-RooftopAssault SW-RooftopAssault XTXAxeman Unknown Has images
SW-Sawmill SW-Sawmill FaLLenRiPPer 6-8 Has images
sw-StreetWar sw-StreetWar Unknown Unknown Has images
SW-SupplyDepo Codename: DELTA KAIN 18 Has images
SW-UnderGround_v3 Underground Missle Silo Noah 'IVfluids' Ellison 12-16 Has images
sw-WiferXL Sw-WiferXL Cliff Bleszinski 4-16 Has images
Swamp-Logo Swamp-Logo Unknown Unknown
TO-S-Systems S-Systems ADES 20 Has images
TO-Saltair TO-Saltair Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-SavePrivateRyan TO-SavePrivateRyan 4-16 Has images
TO-Scandal Scandal ToniO - 4-12 Has images
TO-School School Richard "[TOR]WIZARD2K" Watson 12 Has images
TO-schoolyard TO-Schoolyard >DoA<Morphosys 6-22 Has images
TO-Scope2final TO-Scope2 eXorzy Unknown Has images
TO-ScopeWinter Scope Winter mod: BoND / oryginal: r@yden 8-14 Has images
TO-Sea-Assault TO-Sea-Assault Gobelair 10-20 Has images
TO-SewerRun TO-SewerRun Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-ShellShock(beta3) TO-ShellShock(beta3) [TU]_Xanthos 8-24 Has images
TO-SkidRow AIM-IT-SkidRow - team up or die Michael 'Smoerble' Stock 16-32 (no joke :) Has images
TO-SKToxicityBeta Toxicity NuKeR{SK} 8-18 Has images
TO-SkyBridge TO-SkyBridge Tyler "Eraser" B 6-16
TO-Skyline TO-Skyline -=]GR[=-Mezo 4-20 Has images
TO-Slums Slums Crokx 10 Has images
TO-Slums_v2 Slums Crokx 10 Has images
TO-SniperCamp-Beta TO-SniperCamp-Beta [FBNOps]SuPeRSniPeR 6-16 Has images
TO-SnowyMassacre Snowy Massacre_for Beta 2.0 Verzuz and MarkusW 4 - 12 Has images
TO-SpaceTube The Space Tube Unknown 8-20 Has images
TO-spankys Assault beta2 TO-spankys Assault beta2 Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-SPV SPV-Trainingsmap Fabian Pintsch 10-16 Has images
TO-SPVJailbreak TO-SPVJailbreak Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-StormChaser Storm Chaser [BlazE]_/[{SpEeDo}]\ 8-16 Has images
TO-Stranger Stranger Frank"Frakor"Jenke 8-16 Has images
TO-Studio54 Studio 54 Scooby Unknown Has images
TO-Submarine TO-Submarine [melp]daaf stuk of 10 Has images
TO-Subway3 Subwaystation North v3.0 Mod: M. "Bond" Grzeszczak / Original: HypErioN 6-16 Has images
TO-SubwayIV Subwaystation North v4.0 BoND & rezul & blrblr 8-24 Has images
TO-SubwayLE Subwaystation North - League Edition HypErioN - LE by 4-12 Has images
TO-SubwayWars Subway War SUICIDAL MOD (Emil 'HypErioN' Attlid) 16 Has images
TO-SunkenProvince Sunken Province Yordi Malawauw / Sunken: M. "BoND" Grzeszczak 8-12 Has images