Maps / Unreal Tournament / Tactical Ops / C

Map Title Author Players
TO-Cabal Cabal Mr._Hankey 8-12 Has images
TO-Canal Canal AndY [] 8 Has images
TO-Canalization TO-Canalization Robert "BuRnEr" Schadek 8-16 Has images
TO-carpark TO-Carpark Firefly 16-32 Has images
TO-Castle TO-Castle JackDaniels as many as possible Has images
TO-Catz`n Dogz TO-Catz`n Dogz LaernU Unknown Has images
TO-CetanWater Cetan Water facility Dark Element 8-16 Has images
TO-Chateau The Chateau 1.4 Lars Knappstein 6-16 Has images
TO-Chateau The Chateau (final) Lars 'WarLord' Knappstein 6-16 Has images
TO-chemical Chemical Factory Sinic 8-32 Has images
TO-Chiesa Chiesa r@yden 4-10 Has images
TO-Cinema TO-Cinema Prof. Knallgas 10+ Has images
TO-Cityfight Cityfight Cornelius "Dr. No" Schickle 8-12 Has images
TO-CityStreetLarge2 CSL2 Mac-do 8-16 Has images
TO-Cleopatra TO-Cleopatra Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-Cleopatra][ TO-Cleopatra][ Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-CMAExtraction CMA Extraction Stoned Monkey 10-32 Has images
TO-Cold-day Cold-day ADES 20 Has images
TO-Comfy Comfy Living Room David M√ľnnich many Has images
TO-Community --TO Community-- BabyNuke 8 - 16 Has images
TO-crackhouse Crackhouse KingBunny 8-10 Has images
TO-CSL-Night CityStreetLarge by Night Mac-do = Remake By BoND 4-12 Has images
TO-CSL2v2 CityStreetLarge2v2 Mac-do 8-16 Has images