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Map Title Author Players
TO-Octagon The Octagon by Sa(T)an$Nachbar 6-16 Has images
TO-OfficeAnger SW-Office Anger Elliptical Coil Unknown
TO-OICW_Map OICW_Training_map Mac-Do 8-16 Has images
TO-OICW_Map2 OICW Training map Mac-Do and buffalo_wings 8-16 Has images
TO-Oilpipe The Oilpipe BabyNuke 8 - 12
TO-Oilrig Extreme Oilrig Extreme Unknown Unknown Has images
TO-Oilrig6 Oilrig][ Rich Eastwood 10-16 Has images
TO-Omega Omega Robin 'Nassau' Dowling 8-12 Has images