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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

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Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
Rt-Detail.utx TEXTURE 477.1 KB b8b4f4b396decd2392c63d8070739ad10d99422b 99
Rt-Detail.utx TEXTURE 22.9 KB 8e85be6ebd49421290cce1b4c18b12444b32d4be 1

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Usages (99)

Type Name Author
Map AS-Proxima Unknown
Map AS-Proxima Unknown
Map AS-UMS-Public3o Sidoh
Map Pack B2d Strange Love Mappack Various
Map BT+(CN)Oufti [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-(CN)NeverStopMoving [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-JmX-Castlevania JoMaX
Map Pack Castle Maps Various
Map Pack CTC Pack2 Various
Map Pack Ctc Ut Mappack Vol2 Various
Map CTF-'Z-Happilor 'Zac
Map CTF-'Z-Happilortest2 'Zac
Map ctf-azushed Unknown
Map ctf-azushed Unknown
Map CTF-BT+(Kh)MiniPouce-v2 [i4g]Khenbu
Map CTF-BT+AnotherWarehouse-v3 Ozma777
Map CTF-BT+Mental_v3 ChA1NsAw
Map CTF-BT+Spacepl0x-dbl 7Vice [A.K.A.] >@tack!<
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room Giorgio.pX5
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room][ GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT-(77)RushMania[i4G] Thomas "irridium77" De Vos /
Map CTF-BT-(bar)For-normalname-vF BarCode
Map CTF-BT-(BK)Sewearth-v3b BuNnY-KilleR
Map CTF-BT-(CN)NeverStopMoving [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)Hell-to-Paradise_vF Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(Q)SwiftRush Nûts°¡N°Sô¡l
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)Amplitude-v3 The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-(Roel)Energized The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-Antithesis Laurens "Isotoxin" Vijnck
Map CTF-BT-Antithesisv2 Laurens "Isotoxin" Vijnck
Map CTF-BT-Antithesisv2 Laurens "Isotoxin" Vijnck
Map CTF-BT-Aperture The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-Asyndeton-v2 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-Cache Justy "Surfacing" Oberg
Map CTF-BT-church Giorgio Caro
Map CTF-BT-Implication The Roel-R
Map CTF-BT-JmX-Castlevania JoMaX
Map CTF-BT-Krall-Fortress Ozma777
Map CTF-BT-Krall-Fortress-V2 Ozma777
Map CTF-BT-LavaRefinery Unknown
Map CTF-BT-LightRush -bntx/bunnyboy
Map CTF-BT-OldMill-v2 drunklove
Map CTF-BT-OldMill-v2 drunklove
Map CTF-BT-Oubliette Drunklove / NuLL
Map CTF-BT-Overnight-v3 Janttu
Map CTF-BT-Rebellion-v3 Chr1st, Pawel, -Roel` and Zanmato
Map CTF-BT-Reincarnation Jtwizzy (The God)
Map CTF-BT-RushStation Bunneh`
Map CTF-BT-RushStation-v2 Bunneh`
Map CTF-BT-Stilongs501 -=(FBT)=-Freestaylah
Map CTF-BT-SubtleFallout-v2 drunklove
Map CTF-BT-SubtleFallout-v2 drunklove
Map CTF-BT-Tormood Unknown
Map CTF-BT-TTFAF-forCrackSpider-v3 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-XtreemWootabulousCB Lars 'WarLord' Knappstein
Map ctf-e10-centalis tjen
Map CTF-INF-DeadPresidents Mr.
Map CTF-NWwdm1_Arrange_Ver krs.ks
Map CTF-Radian Squacky
Map CTF-Radian Squacky
Map CTF-U4E-Radian Squacky
Map CTF-WideOpenSpaces Kuldiil
Map Pack Cwl Mappack Wk29 Various
Map Pack Cwl Mappack Wk30 Various
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk29 Various
Map Pack Dm Morbidcuriosity Mr.
Map DM-1on1-DarkWalls Wael 'cooloola' Ben Dhia
Map DM-1on1-Porunga Pufa91
Map DM-Bar10 Unknown
Map DM-Bar11 Unknown
Map DM-BarPunkys[FBI]1 Dremoan modified[FBI]MadSquirrel
Map DM-BarPunkysSH[newMusic] Dremoan modifiedPunky Brewster
Map DM-BarPunkysSnipe_Wolf Dremoan modifiedPunky Brewster
Map DM-BarPunkysSnipeHuntC Dremoan modifiedPunky Brewster
Map DM-BarPunkysSnipeHuntC Dremoan modifiedPunky Brewster
Map DM-BarPunkysSnipeHuntC Dremoan modifiedPunky Brewster
Map DM-BDC-Deck1999 ¦ßÐǦ«ÐøGGZz»¦²ººº¦ AND ThH
Map DM-Corrosion Brian "DarkCalm" Buchta
Map DM-INF-MorbidCuriosity Mr.
Map DM-INF-Smolder TheMadMonk
Map DM-INF-WakeupCall Mr.
Map DM-lol-Camping Bob Kuphal
Map dm-MERITOR3 cvan911
Map DM-Swank Squacky
Map DM-TDC-18thUnit Fabulous[WolfPack]
Map dm-Torment James ~ØT~CreepingDeath Morgan
Map DM-Twitch Mr.
Map DM-U4E-Injector][ Squacky
Map DM-U4E-Swank Squacky
Map MH-ProximaV1 Darren "Slagg"
Map Pack Realmaps February2002 Mappack Zip Various
Map Pack Realmaps June2001 Mappack Zip Various
Map Pack Realmaps September2001 Mappack Zip Various
Map Pack RM3 MonthlyMaps June2001 UMOD Various
Map Pack RM6 MonthlyMaps September2001 UMOD Various
Map Pack SAS FullMappack Various
Map Pack SAS FullMappack Various
Map Pack Tdcpack Various
Map TMH-Stargates --=BliZz=--

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Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map Pack SF Conversions Mappack Final Various