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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
GennFX.utx TEXTURE 2.1 MB 71ddf265159ce71b4488d8eaac1ee28296cb11a8 51
GennFX.utx TEXTURE 2.1 MB 9191f25652504683ee5d8c1af8aed4c995cb1c23 8

Files File

2.1 MB

Usages (51)

Type Name Author
Map Pack CTF AfterDarkEdits Terraniux (original), EvilGrins (edited)
Map CTF-BT+(XX)WeatherWorld(EV)-fix Xanx~Q
Map CTF-BT+(XX)WeatherWorld(EV)-fix2 Xanx~Q
Map CTF-BT+(XX)WeatherWorld(EV)-fix3 Xanx~Q
Map CTF-BT+(XX)WeatherWorld(EV)-test Xanx~Q
Map CTF-BT+Countries Giorgio.pX9
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room][ GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT+Warp_Room][-v2 GiorgiO.pX5
Map CTF-BT-(Dere)TheSanctuaryV2 Dere
Map CTF-BT-(ow)Targeteng-v2 OwYeaW
Map CTF-BT-(ow)Targeteng-v3 OwYeaW
Map CTF-BT-(ow)Targeteng-v4 OwYeaW
Map CTF-BT-(ow)Targeteng0-v2 OwYeaW
Map CTF-BT-(ow)Targeteng0-v3 OwYeaW
Map CTF-BT-ComeOn][-i4g Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Dereliction Whitey
Map CTF-BT-EaZyWaY Paul "TAZ" Mader
Map CTF-BT-Fallacious-v2 Whitey
Map CTF-BT-FusedRuins BT Mappers 2008
Map CTF-BT-Hummingbird[v2] taptop
Map CTF-BT-Hummingbird_v1 taptop
Map CTF-BT-IceCavern -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-Incinerated Jerome Bos
Map CTF-BT-IronCastle-fix Sp!Re` & Isotoxin`
Map CTF-BT-LaboratoryX2V1 X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-LAGacy-V2 X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-Mausoleum Splashy/Lorgic
Map CTF-BT-NightFall][ -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-NightFall][-EZ -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-Opalline_V3 taptop
Map CTF-BT-Opalline_Vez taptop
Map CTF-BT-Poverty-v2 Various
Map CTF-BT-Reminiscence Zanmato
Map CTF-BT-Skaarj-Ship GiorgiO.pX9
Map CTF-BT-Skirmish -}Night_Terror{-
Map CTF-BT-Stilongs501 -=(FBT)=-Freestaylah
Map CTF-BT-TTFAF-forCrackSpider-v3 7Vice
Map DM-NWRikerDance+ 'A`)
Map Pack MH UM MidgardPack Disorder - Unreal Mayhem
Map MH-(dU)LostParadiseV5 HellFire
Map MH-AfterDark2[final2] Terraniux, the Dutch mapper
Map MH-AfterDark2[final2] Terraniux, the Dutch mapper
Map MH-AfterDark2[final] Terraniux, the Dutch mapper
Map MH-LostParadiseV2 HellFire
Map MH-LostTemple {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-LostTempleBETA {MHM}HellFire`
Map MH-MHF-DevilsLair [LineARC]
Map MH-Nightfall{fix2} Unknown
Map MH-Station_X126_V2 MH Version (_@_)_spatieman
Map MH-UM-Colors Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-NaliChancesPrt2 -=]UM[=-Puni$her

Files File

2.1 MB

Usages (8)

Type Name Author
Map BT-EvilutionII JoMaX
Map BT-RO-Undiscovered -KnighT-
Map CTF-AfterDark2 Terraniux, the Dutch mapper
Map CTF-BT-EvilutionII JoMaX
Map CTF-BT-Nebula-v2 X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-Primitus-v4 X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-Sector9_v2 Isotoxin`
Map CTF-BT-Somber-v3 kLeptO*