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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
GravDig.utx 6.7 MB 13471f613eb26909766f9eb5f400fbcbf2553b0a 49
GravDig.utx 6.7 MB fc02894de7a34856e167cd5ce3eeab5608afe636 8

Files File

6.7 MB

Usages (49)

Type Name Author
Map BT+(CN)ReachTheStars-v3 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT+(Cyb)The_Light Cyber Nerd
Map BT-(Ki)Belalou-vF Kijiro
Map BT-MindGames -=G|-|()ST=-
Map CTF-(CN)WoodenQueen [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-(FB)-Sangre&Honor viKINGo
Map CTF-(FB)-Sangre&Honor viKINGo
Map CTF-(Kraken)ButcherBayV8b Ray 'Kraken' Newton
Map CTF-2Stonehenge Snowy Enigma
Map CTF-BT+(CN)DarkTower-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)ReachTheStars-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(CN)ReachTheStars-v3 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+(Cyb)The_Light Cyber Nerd
Map CTF-BT-(BJ)-Farewell-v2 Jason 'bajoker' Dyer
Map CTF-BT-(BJ)-Yasmin-v2 Jason 'bajoker' Dyer
Map CTF-BT-(Cal)OnTopOfTheWorld-Fix {sBTs}CallaO
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Academy][ [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Academy][-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(CN)Academy][-vF [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(Kh)Catch_The_Frog-v3 Khenbu
Map CTF-BT-(Kh)Interdit-17ans [i4g]Khenbu
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)Belalou-vF Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)Belalou][ Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)Belalou][-v2 Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)Bellelulu Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)Hell-to-Paradise_vF Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(Ki)LouisDeFunes Kijiro
Map CTF-BT-(SON)BonVoyage-v3 Sonnet
Map CTF-BT-Aklabash_dbl Thomas "irridium77" De Vos /
Map CTF-BT-Aklabash_v2 Thomas "irridium77" De Vos /
Map CTF-BT-BaseOfSpeed-vF JusTBanDi
Map CTF-BT-BaseOfSpeed_fix JusTBanDi
Map CTF-BT-Cache Justy "Surfacing" Oberg
Map CTF-BT-Chyandour-v1 Alchemist
Map CTF-BT-EgyptianDiscovered-dbl -=G|-|()ST=-
Map CTF-BT-EgyptianDiscovered-fix -=G|-|()ST=-
Map CTF-BT-HellsSpook {UrP}_G|-|()ST
Map CTF-BT-II-MindGamesCB -=G|-|()ST=-
Map CTF-BT-LAN2 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Loop-dbl Relentless
Map CTF-BT-NA[alpha]-dbl N/A
Map CTF-BT-Nebula-v2 X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-PanicLand-v1 Nyxon
Map CTF-BT-Poverty Various
Map CTF-BT-Poverty-v2 Various
Map CTF-BT-Zignixx Cobra 'Patrick Müller'
Map CTF-GraveDiggerv3 **Monarch**
Map DM-RealHockey Ir0n Guard^igp^
Map Pack Strangelove OldskoolNY Mappack Various

Files File

6.7 MB

Usages (8)

Type Name Author
Map CTF-(pe)DoubleDeckerv3 TBK Escape Penguin
Map CTF-(se)Meh Snowy Enigma
Map CTF-(se)NeoStonehenge Snowy Enigma
Map CTF-(se)NeoStonehenge Snowy Enigma
Map CTF-(se)NeoStonehenge Snowy Enigma
Map CTF-(se)UUGods Design: SnowyEnigma Botpathing & Editing: Cobra
Map CTF-BT-(Cals)OnTopOfTheWorld {sBTs}CallaO