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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

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Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
Castle.utx TEXTURE 1.6 MB 6dafad716da2b923db669b0d5e1f109421c7e55a 66
Castle.utx TEXTURE 15.1 MB 93a89d3ea1017133258a38ce3410a78515061441 1

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1.6 MB

Usages (66)

Type Name Author
Map Pack Castle Maps Various
Map CTF-(FB)-Sangre&Honor viKINGo
Map CTF-(FB)-Sangre&Honor viKINGo
Map CTF-Beholder Ray "Tekno_Fobe" Smith
Map CTF-BT-Beyond-fix X-Raided
Map CTF-BT-Beyond-fix2 X-Raided
Map CTF-LavaGiantForteres Christian" Cobra " Trepanier
Map CTF-w00t-Chrusher Bloodwar
Map CTF-WonderFlag2 Nicole Dion
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk46 Various
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk94 Various
Map DM-(ASC)BeyondAges [ASC]Lothar_Fuffzyn
Map DM-1on1-RSAHell Rob 'Doublez-Down' Collins
Map DM-AdamlyRooms5 Doctor Evil
Map DM-Contention Neal "Ace_82" Rogers
Map DM-Exquisite RJGexplode
Map DM-{Evil's}-Lan-Party-From-Hell-3 Ken {TTS]Big_Ballz
Map Pack FuenlaBoys Mappack Various
Map JB-andACTION-III Bloodwar
Map Pack MH Mappack 03 Various
Map Pack MH Mappack 06 Various
Map MH-()mG-insecthell ()mG.(Misfit)Demon
Map MH-()mG-InsectHellFinal ()mG.(Misfit)Demon
Map MH-()mG-insecthell{fixed2} ()mG.(Misfit)Demon
Map MH-()mG-insecthell{fixed3} ()mG.(Misfit)Demon
Map MH-()mG-MonsterBedAndBath(Fix2) Demon
Map MH-()mG-MonsterBedAndBath(fixed) Demon
Map MH-(_@_)_to-much-pupae_V2 (_@_)_Spatieman
Map MH-(_@_)_to-much-pupae_V3 (_@_)_Spatieman
Map MH-(DANISH)AlienBase TheDane
Map MH-=[DMH]=-TrueYoshis (MHM) Jon & EditedThe Devil Is a Dj
Map MH-[DMH]-TrueYoshis (MHM) Jon & EditedThe Devil Is a Dj
Map MH-AlienBase-umh TheDane
Map MH-Castle-Of-Edith (AMC)+[LineARC]
Map MH-CastleOfBaron_Alienfix Boon-qiv-
Map MH-Demondeath Unknown
Map MH-EscherstairBETA Scify
Map MH-Escherstairmonsterhuntbeta1 Scify
Map MH-HaloHaunted_DevilMH]Hard[ Tinytim (EditedThe Devil Is a Dj)
Map MH-Haunted++ Tinytim
Map MH-IceSkaarj-Attack-UTJMH RJGexplode
Map MH-InscrutableCastle <GF>-REX!! -&- DAG (War Master)
Map MH-Insecthell ()mG.(Misfit)Demon
Map MH-Insecthell-UM-Fix ()mG.(Misfit)Demon
Map MH-MHMayhemers(WIP) Unknown
Map MH-ScrewedUpMonstersV2 Ashley Barrett
Map MH-ScrewedUpMonstersV3 Ashley Barrett
Map MH-SkiSlope][ RJGexplode
Map MH-SkiSlope][ RJGexplode
Map MH-Swarm-Beta Justin Saunders
Map MH-Swarm-Beta Justin Saunders
Map MH-TheBorder Tleilaxu
Map MH-TrueMonsters (MHM) Jon
Map MH-UM-Barons-Castle Boon-qiv-
Map MH-UM-Barons-Castle Boon-qiv-
Map MH-UM-Cubes (_@_)_spatieman/Hitman
Map MH-UM-EscherStairsV2 Scify
Map MH-UM-FatherDougal_beta3 |bah| Salty Dog & "K" (MH ver. SGT-Tanker)
Map MH-UM-Mayhemers Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-MonsterBath-V1 Demon/Hitman
Map MH-Undiscovered(v2) {MHM}:HellFire:
Map MH-{UA}TheBorder Tleilaxu
Map Pack Nali Grail Amisa
Map Pack NaliGrail Amisa
Map Pack Naligrail Various
Map Pack SurvivalBP2 CustomMaps Various

Files File

15.1 MB

Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map Pack Castle Maps 2 Various