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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

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Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
Braveheart.utx TEXTURE 676.9 KB c655669d1b36628707ab7c6e765556346c0ddb77 76
Braveheart.umx MUSIC 13.1 MB 472d5dcc11cf89787c8146525bbe6a2d8ad248ba 2
Braveheart.utx TEXTURE 3.2 MB 1634eba27b749c2beddac023b273352c632af6fc 1

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Usages (76)

Type Name Author
Map Pack B2d Strange Love Mappack Various
Map BT-(CN)DejaVu [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map BT-UnholyConfessions-v2 KaKeMIX and
Map CTF-'FTB-Braveheart [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-'FTB-BrickHouse *FTB*~BuzzKilll~
Map CTF-'uK-BraveHeart[REVISED] [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-'uK-BraveHeartUltimateV5(unlocked) Original[FED]Billy_B, RemakeSK
Map CTF-((HNC-Volcanic)) JoMaX
Map CTF-((POT-Glacier)) [[DsK]]HEAT
Map CTF-([C()C])MTHaven Craz
Map CTF-(DH)Everest(unlocked) DeathHunter
Map CTF-(DH)Everest-br DeathHunter
Map CTF-(FB)-Sangre&Honor viKINGo
Map CTF-(FB)-Sangre&Honor viKINGo
Map CTF-(jBi)MidnightsThornsV99 {jBi}MidnightCowboy
Map CTF-3Towers(GDI) [XA]PsychoP@t/RZ'ed EndoCableMan}GDI{
Map CTF-BarnBurnerV3 Jeff Smith
Map CTF-BarnBurnerV3 Jeff Smith
Map CTF-BarnBurnerV3 Jeff Smith
Map CTF-braveheart [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-braveheart [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-Braveheart [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-braveheart [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-Braveheart-3 [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-BraveHeartUltimateV5-br Original[FED]Billy_B, RemakeSK
Map CTF-BT+(CN)BouletLand-v2 [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT+Spacepl0x-dbl 7Vice [A.K.A.] >@tack!<
Map CTF-BT-(CN)DejaVu [i4g]CouilleNoire
Map CTF-BT-(DS)QueenGame Devil_Spain
Map CTF-BT-(HD)StormyJungle-v2b Holy-Defender
Map CTF-BT-(Mon)CBA4ITtbfh][_i4g MonstA^k
Map CTF-BT-(NML)EaZy_As_PiE *(SoS)~Nightmarelord
Map CTF-BT-(wB)BlinDer_i4g wHiTeBoY
Map CTF-BT-(wB)SheGGinG~HeLL-v4 Unknown
Map CTF-BT-Aklabash_dbl Thomas "irridium77" De Vos /
Map CTF-BT-Aklabash_v2 Thomas "irridium77" De Vos /
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins-VF Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-AncientRuins-VF_fix Arbiter
Map CTF-BT-CityBlock-fixed Frank
Map CTF-BT-CityBlock-testing Frank
Map CTF-BT-Egypt-Secrets-test Pro!KnighT
Map CTF-BT-Epic-fix -RAPO
Map CTF-BT-K-Kripled_vF Unknown
Map CTF-BT-LostV2-FIX Frank
Map CTF-BT-Lunaria-v2 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-Lunaria-v3 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-MA1-DanceBunny-HD HornD
Map CTF-BT-PsychoJungle -=][PTL][PSYCHO_
Map CTF-BT-Royalty-dbl-test h3l1uM
Map CTF-BT-Royalty-fix2 h3l1uM
Map CTF-BT-TTFAF-forCrackSpider-v3 7Vice
Map CTF-BT-UnholyConfessions-v3 KaKeMIX and
Map CTF-Celtic_Lair][ Garrett Chisholm
Map CTF-Celtic_Lair][ Garrett Chisholm
Map CTF-Celtic_Lair][ Garrett Chisholm
Map CTF-GODancientegypt BlaQMilk
Map CTF-Narrow][ Michhhhael
Map CTF-Narrow][GOLD Michhhhael
Map CTF-RoS-Atlantis [|RoS|]Rayden
Map CTF-RoS-Garden [|RoS|]Rayden
Map CTF-RoS-Garden [|RoS|]Rayden
Map CTF-RoS-Venice [|RoS|]RÄYDËN
Map CTF-RoSSeige][ [|Ros|]SilverWind
Map CTF-XV-BraveheartV1 [FED]Billy_B (Original), Buggie (XV)
Map CTF-XV-BraveheartV2 [FED]Billy_B Billy_
Map CTF-ZTBraveheart Prowler, UnbeKabal
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk35 Various
Map DM-Jump Into Death Hannes Müller
Map Pack FuenlaBoys Mappack Various
Map Pack GMC CTF Mappack Various
Map MH-BOXv2 Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map SCR-GavNoobie Gavinator
Map SCR-GavNoobie Gavinator
Map Pack SiegeMapPack 20110917 Various

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Usages (2)

Type Name Author
Map CTF-{]TDN[}WaterWorld][Final {]TDM[}WaCkY
Map CTF-{]TDN[}WaterWorld][Final {]TDM[}WaCkY

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Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map CTF-Spiralwar_by_Jihan Jihan