Maps / Unreal Tournament / Infiltration / A

Map Title Author Players
DM-INF-Alpsmorning DM-INF-AlpsMorning Prewit and Toadie 16-18 Has images
DM-INF-Archives Archives Joseph "Evil Joe" Stoffa 4-8 Players Has images
DM-INF-Arsenal DM-INF-Arsenal Old Geezer 8 to 16 Players Has images
DM-INF-Artic_Base Artic Base by Anto(1) 4 - 10 Has images
DM-INF-Azteca Azteca A. Leon, aka Alpha_9 16 Has images
EAS-INF-ACB_revised][ A City Block revised David Brown and Los Pescados, Revised by Lethal Dosage 8-16 Has images
EAS-INF-Avignon Avignon Benjamin -reaper- Hanke 8-12 Has images