Maps / Unreal Tournament / Assault / B

Map Title Author Players
AS-(BETA3)OrionsCursePart1 Orion's Curse - Part 1 [BETA-3] -=FraGnBraG=- 10-12 Has images
AS-B3TemplesOfDestruction AS-B3TemplesOfDestruction blito3 Unknown
AS-B3TemplesOfDestruction AS-B3TemplesOfDestruction blito3 Unknown
AS-ballistic Ballistic SteelHORN 6-12 Has images
AS-Bankjob The BankJob!! Nick_C 5-6 Has images
AS-Barbaric-Assault Barbaric Assault Last Hope Matt Marinello 16 Has images
AS-Base Base Don Wefrt 6-16 Has images
AS-Base1_2 The Base 1.2 Yrex 4-8 Has images
AS-BaseRiot Baseriot David 'Integer' Veld 10 Has images
As-beelzebub The Beelzebub Weapon Tynan "Dr.Crowbar" Sylvester 6-14 Has images
AS-BETA-Mogwai_August2005 SnowDunesAL Created by Muttley & Jwer. AL modifications by Weirdo 2-12 Has images
AS-BETA_HWFLE Heavy Water Factory League Edition Fer / Grz + LE edit by 0 12 - 16 Has images
AS-BigAssTeroid71 AS-Bigassteroid71 blueraven and stitch 8 - 16
AS-Bioassault Bioassault EVILTOM / GRZ 12-14 Has images
AS-BioassaultLe Bioassault EVILTOM / GRZ 6-12 Has images
AS-BioassaultSE_preview2 BioAssault [Second Edition] EVILTOM / GRZ / '//3iRd(o) / Snuggs 12 Has images
AS-BioAssSE_pre2j BioAssault [Second Edition] (Beta) EVILTOM / GRZ / '//3iRd(o) 12-14 Has images
AS-Biux BIUX Laboratories Esko 'Varpu' Ilola 8-16 Has images
AS-Bluff The liberation of Bluff Eversmoking Myscha the sled dog assaulted by Azathoth Max 30 Has images
AS-Bridge Bridge Claude Meyer aka Mier ( 6-18 Has images
AS-Bridge Bridge Claude Meyer aka Mier ( 6-18 Has images
AS-BridgeSE_beta][ Bridge [SE] Claude Meyer aka Mier (-SE mods: '//3iRd(o)-) 6-18 Has images
AS-BulletStorm_006 BulletStorm [3dg]Lord$M 14
AS-Bunker AS-Bunker Chad Michel 8 Has images
AS-Buried21 AS-Buried21 Unknown Unknown
AS-Buried32 Buried Investigation Site DaTeL 8-12