Maps / Unreal Tournament 2004 / Unknown

Map Title Author Players
2Dbr-CitizenErased-beta 2Dbr-CitizenErased-beta [::O.S.T::] 4-6
2DCTF-Pharaoh Pharaoh Gavin 'TossMonkey' Edgington 4-8 Has images
2DDM-Corvant Corvant Mike 'lvlorpheus' Bourne 2-5 Has images
2DDM-DaenerysOasis Daenerys Oasis Nate "TomWithTheWeather" Overman 2-4 Has images
2DDM-Glacial Glacial *Nux Gavin 'TossMonkey' Edgington 2-6 Has images
82dmnighttemple 82dmnighttemple Unknown Unknown
AO-BugPlanet AO-BugPlanet ADES Unknown
AO-Cleanup Cleanup Sören 'smattbac' Mattbäck Unknown
AO-Cleanup2 Cleanup Sören 'smattbac' Mattbäck 4-8
Cathedral Cathedral Unknown Unknown
CB-War War Servo 2-6 Has images
cDOM-1on1-LostStation LostStation Aalexanderrr 4 Has images
cDOM-AR-LostStation LostStation Aalexanderrr 4 Has images
dontlookdown dontlookdown Unknown Unknown
Duel-DesertGrave DesertGrave JenoLT 2-4 Has images
EonP3_BeastShepherd EonP3_BeastShepherd Unknown Unknown
EonP3_BeastShrike EonP3_BeastShrike Unknown Unknown
EonP3_HumanDeer EonP3_HumanDeer Unknown Unknown
EonP3_HumanRifleman EonP3_HumanRifleman Unknown Unknown
EXC-SleepyLands The Sleepy Lands Parser 1-15 Has images
FHINV-DustyDune The Dusty Dunes Parser 3-4 Has images
FHINV-Reestablishment Reestablishment Daedalus Unknown Has images
IntroFix IntroFix Unknown Unknown
kfsaswarehouse kfsaswarehouse Unknown Unknown
KOTH-Sewers The Old Sewers deus)X(machina 2-8 Has images
MMT-Groove Groove Jan 'Luggage' Kaluza 4-8 Has images
MMT-Sk8erBoi Sk8erBoi Jan 'Luggage' Kaluza 2 Has images
MOV-StarGate Stargate ---]>>>Bin<<<[--- 10 Has images
NvidiaLogo NvidiaLogo Unknown Unknown
NYCtest1920MAPv1.1 none Rogelio Olguin Unknown
QBR-OtherSide QBR-OtherSide Unknown Unknown
RKT-Bean RKT-Bean Anthony 'Bean' Nichols 2-12 Has images
sCTF-Standoff StandOff Stuart D. Wright 10-16 Has images
sCTF-Standoff-Lite StandOff Stuart D. Wright 10-16 Has images
TeamRamRod TeamRamRod Unknown Unknown
TR_DM-Outpost Outpost_attack Badkarma 8-16 Has images
trial trial Unknown Unknown Has images
Villager Displaced Villager Aaron "Hedge-O-Matic" Starr Unknown Has images
xmas-map-present Demo2 1337 Unknown