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InfoMap Pack Information

Ut 2k4 De Classic Mappack RC2
May 2004
88.1 MB


Name Title Author
AS-Frigate2k4 Frigate Julien "Horse" Couturon
CTF-(2K4)AcidPipeClassic][ (2K4) Acid Pipe Classic][ Toonces T. Cat
CTF-CoretClassic Coret Classic Red Dwarf
CTF-Dreary2k4-ce Dreary Outpost Macavity
CTF-Drunklet-iGib2k4 Drunklet-iGib2k4 Drunk|tbuk-iGib2k4 by c64/obi/Corn
CTF-HallOfGiants2004 Hall Of Giants 2004 Will "ZedMaestro" Zeal
CTF-Hydro2004 Hydro2004 David 'Fester' Saville
CTF-Lucius2004 CTF-Lucius' Pit 2004 Claymore w/conv. by Starman
CTF-Mythos-Classic Mythos Classic Hardcore
CTF-NovemberCE-2004 November Clan Edition 2004 Myscha, Akuma, Larathiel and AudioMix.
CTF-Orbital_Station2k4 Orbital Station Dave Ewing port by LaTeRaLuS
DM-CarPark-DCSE-XL-2K4 Car Park DCSE-XL Toonces T. Cat
DM-Conveyor2k4 Conveyor Shane Caudle
DM-Hypsophobia-UT2k4 Hypsophobia UT2k4 Ed Duke-Cox
DM-StalwartClassic StalwartClassic KillBait! (UT2K4) Alan Willard (UT)
DM-StalwartXLClassic StalwartXLClassic KillBait! (UT2K4) Alan Willard (UT)
DM-TDB-Peak The Peak Monastery Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan
DM-Tempest4 Tempest4 Gitago┬░
DM-Turbine2004-CB Turbine2004 il_Beppe & Cipro

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
AS-Frigate2k4.ut2 17.6 MB 8c3adbaf7f28a29aed94f9f74880b0c271104dfe 2
CTF-(2K4)AcidPipeClassic][.ut2 12.3 MB a0036bb22b70627f0418ba0adb5a5049f3b9b3d4 1
CTF-CoretClassic.ut2 34.4 MB 22092145efbbdaf40dd2716d8de0b1614cb22fd5 3
CTF-Dreary2k4-ce.ut2 8.4 MB c1cb460374e671cebbbaa67d1123a58b60a6d77b -
CTF-Drunklet-iGib2k4.ut2 5.6 MB 8da8814bf1e135baaae912d8a4a3e234e7f3cd3d -
CTF-HallOfGiants2004.ut2 4.1 MB 8e579cc87f352b391bfbdab9e932614ba0e6b333 3
CTF-Hydro2004.ut2 21.4 MB db4a85f2f4e251136055a8efc0418fbc0a6e75d1 1
CTF-Lucius2004.ut2 12.5 MB 75b1e7483d0b50ce118984687cd1d4d26d157c16 1
CTF-Mythos-Classic.ut2 1.3 MB b6a2df0480ce95e0217dc27fa594627b852858bf 1
CTF-NovemberCE-2004.ut2 8.2 MB ab3a79b36fb5f58fe4c313220b42e9445ec6345b 1
CTF-Orbital_Station2k4.ut2 9.5 MB ef033dc2fbd1839d1a07df7dc7769bc7298f6af0 1
DM-CarPark-DCSE-XL-2K4.ut2 9.8 MB b7f1729eeb9e0162c3669c35b03cd9275ca49479 1
DM-Conveyor2k4.ut2 7.5 MB 8540f0cd2bc30bbbe39e4eef967161d003b3c7c5 -
DM-Hypsophobia-UT2k4.ut2 8.2 MB 19763a035884492b7927ff24ef5ee60875963669 1
DM-StalwartClassic.ut2 6.3 MB 01f8d808473ae0d548c050608a7b2ce1199f5ed5 1
DM-StalwartXLClassic.ut2 8.0 MB 4271a75586952f66b46f7a98e58d0477933988c3 1
DM-TDB-Peak.ogg 4.3 MB cef4ea5a68987e99102cfaeb962097cd6edbdf25 6
DM-TDB-Peak.ut2 15.6 MB 1f8206a373ef24bc82f280f7df86c1ce0e1ee808 4
DM-Tempest4.ut2 9.1 MB 3fe0c3970279397b643ce8c3814815d0731629d8 1
DM-Turbine2004-CB.ut2 10.0 MB f44461aca9ce8b22d553571603214842fd4b7c86 3
firebr.ogg 2.2 MB 894427b6e3b24fac4288929ef2f1de0c36deebd7 9
Foregone.ogg 2.7 MB 070a5da0126b92b3c9b3ec226fa87c7d17465d3c 10
Mayhem.ogg 3.6 MB 8b0d6b611980de3883ff91ccbacf2a6408533c17 3
Mission.ogg 1.4 MB a228644de2b8f0de28bb91c5245e4587fc24a387 3
mix.utx 1.2 MB acf6c7b90532e598de9287ce23156a58d6c4aa0c 2
Nether.ogg 3.5 MB 0968b0572ee558c0282df24ba1bcc2e20600e1b9 8
Run.ogg 4.2 MB ba9ed52b1c701e5cbda8e9539223ef3f3883a199 1
Strider.ogg 1.8 MB f97cf45b4f150d6ea180301ea67e6c98f7c76344 7
UTtech1.utx 10.7 MB 0a2cc068a89391b7cde94729d2a30abd80c2274e 66
UTtech2.utx 3.2 MB 3c298abec256301fc9804e4e6a4579b409c0bc8c 11

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  UTtech1 OK File is included
  UTtech2 OK File is included
  Skaarj_intro MISSING File is not included
  mix OK File is included
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