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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

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Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
terrorist3tex.utx TEXTURE 2.4 MB 93e483b06019cdf98b9700913c74b9c61a64075e 7
Terrorist3tex.utx TEXTURE 2.1 MB 698305c03d055b66c31cca60f81e17154f84948f 2

Files File

2.4 MB

Usages (7)

Type Name Author
Map DM-ExCeSiVe2 kÃM¥kũ˲ºº², Daniel Diaz.
Map Pack MH Mappack 05 Various
Map Pack MH Mappack 06 Various
Map MH-FromDusktilldawn Unknown
Map MH-StarshipTroopers Christopher Link
Map MH-UM-FromDuskToDawn Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map TO-TheRock_v88r3 JackDaniels_Shaman_@TacShots

Files File

2.1 MB

Usages (2)

Type Name Author
Map DM-CityArena Denis "UT Freak" Reimer
Map DM-Urban David 'DavidM' Münnich