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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
ScriptedScreen.utx TEXTURE 238.5 KB b5f75a008483ebae1d70dbc153ed48ff76feda47 34
ScriptedScreen.utx TEXTURE 181.7 KB 7509662d06e41b2a85a8954b0b737ab81d206c67 1

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238.5 KB

Usages (34)

Type Name Author
Map AS-Revolution]I[-056 Ba'alzammon
Map AS-Slv{qoou}Race {qoou}De_Fault
Map AS-Slv{qoou}Race {qoou}De_Fault
Map Pack Ctf Isotope144 Pack Various
Map CTF-MidnightCity3 WillySurvive
Map CTF-Silver]I[ Amisa
Map CTF-Silver]I[ Amisa
Map Pack Cwl Maptestingpack Wk76 Various
Map DM-[ZSZ]XlocPractice [ZSZ]AngryDad & {fear}KILLER
Map DM-[ZSZ]XlocPractice-fixed [ZSZ]AngryDad & {fear}KILLER
Map DM-Atlantis Zombie
Map DM-ScreenDemo ElBundee
Map DM-ScreenDemo ElBundee
Map DM-{fear}XlocPractice[V2]new {fear}KILLER
Map JB-Alcatraz David 'DavidM' Münnich
Map JB-Antipody][ Cory 'SpoonDog' Spooner / David Catmull
Map JB-Babylon Rev Billy G
Map JB-CarpeDiem-III Bill "DireIce" Hamilton
Map JB-Cavern-III Dana 'Birelli' Cartwright
Map JB-Coloraido-III Action-Force� Studios
Map JB-Crusher Rev Billy G
Map JB-Deck32-III RedDwarf/Ultron/willhaven (JBSexmachine)
Map JB-Dreary-III Shane Caudle (JBRobin 'Rob' Pamart)
Map JB-IT Rev Billy G
Map JB-Jupiter Rev Billy G
Map JB-November-III Elliot "Myscha" Cannon (JBDireIce)
Map JB-Nucleus Cedric Fiorentino (JBCoolDude)
Map JB-Talaeron-Gold Eric "SnowDog" Ettes
Map JB-XC-{dFb}-X-Mas-2012 {dFb}MattMan
Map Pack Jbmappack Various
Map Pack MH Mappack 01 Various
Map MH-Kittara Robin 'Rob' Pamart
Map Pack UT99XmasContest2012 Volume1 Various
Map Pack UT99XmasContest2012 Volume1 Various

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Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map Pack Jbmappack Various