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UT3Weapons B4
July 2014
UT3 Like the Back of My Hand
Addds a counter of all the pickups in the map and how many of those you have picked up already, and does an announcement when you manage pick up all of them. This way it emulates UT3 award 'Like the Back of My Hand' and promotes map exploration.
UT3 InstaGib
Instant-kill combat with modified UT3 Shock Rifles.
UT3 Weapon Streak Announcement
Announces streaks for every weapon, not just for Flak Monkeys and Combo Whores. This version works with the UT3 weapon variants.
UT3 Weapons
Modifies UT2004 weapons so they work similarly to their UT3 counterparts.
UT3 Bio Rifle
The GES BioRifle processes Tarydium from its stable crystalline form into a reactive mutagenic sludge. It can rapidly disperse these toxins for wide-area coverage, or fire a virulent payload of variable, but usually lethal, capacity. In layman's terms, this means the BioRifle can pepper an area with small globs of biosludge, or launch one noxious glob at the target. The BioRifle's ability to carpet an area with a toxic minefield makes it a notoriously effective defensive weapon.
UT3 Flak Cannon
Trident Defensive Technologies continues to tweak and refine the flak cannon with their newly released Mk4 'Peacekeeper.' In spite of its new name, the flak cannon remains banned from most military conflicts for high incidences of maiming and collateral damage. Still, the flak cannon is the weapon of choice for unconventional warfare in urban terrain. The primary mode detonates the flak shell in the barrel, launching shrapnel forward in a deadly shotgun pattern but often deafening the operator. The cannon also lobs an explosive flak shell that detonates on contact, sending shrapnel in a dangerously wide and unpredictable radius.
UT3 Link Gun
Riordan Dynamic Weapon Systems combines the best of weapon design in the Advanced Plasma Rifle v23, commonly known as the Link Gun.
While the primary firing mode of the Link remains the same as its plasma-firing predecessor, the secondary cutting torch has been replaced with a switchable energy matrix. Upon contacting a teammate, it converts to a harmless carrier stream, offloading energy from the onboard cells to boost the output of any targeted player also using the Link.
It should be noted that while players are boosting a teammate, they are unable to defend themselves from attack.
UT3 Stinger Minigun
Replacing the Minigun in this year's Tournament, the 'Stinger' is actually a Liandri mining tool converted into military service.
The Stinger fires shards of unprocessed Tarydium crystal at an alarming rate, raking opponents with a storm of deadly needles. The alternate fire shoots larger hunks of crystal that can knock back an opponent, sometimes even pinning them to walls.
UT3 Redeemer
'Even your least effective soldiers will earn a respectable bodycount with this tactical nuclear device.' So said the original brochure for the Redeemer, still unchallenged in its role as the most powerful man-portable weapon system known through the galaxy.
The slow-moving but utterly devastating missile, affectionately known as 'Lola' by veteran soldiers, now uses an Enhanced Radiation payload. This ensures maximum tissue failure without undue property damage, perfect for modern assault-and-capture tactics.
The Redeemer's alternate mode fires the missile using the disposable fly-by-wire guidance system, though the manual recommends using this mode only in areas of relative safety.
UT3 Rocket Launcher
Each year, more accidental deaths are caused by the Trident Tri-barrel Rocket Launcher than in vehicular accidents and extreme sports combined. The kill radius for its standard dumbfire rocket is surprisingly high by design - so accidentally firing upon a nearby wall, or a nearby enemy soldier, can be quite fatal for the operator. The alternate fire adds to this suicidal lethality by loading and firing up to three rockets at once, in a spread, tight spiral, or lobbed like grenades. Regardless of the grim statistics, veteran soldiers still consider the 'old 8 ball' the most expedient way to put explosive ordnance on target.
UT3 Shock Rifle
The ASMD Shock Rifle has changed little since its first incorporation into the Liandri Tournament. The ASMD sports two firing modes: a thin photon beam, and a sphere of unstable plasma energy. These modes are each deadly in their own right, but used together they can neutralize opponents in a devastating shockwave. The energy spheres can be detonated with the photon beam, releasing the explosive energy of the anti-photons in the plasma's EM containment field.
UT3 Sniper Rifle
The venerable Axon Research long-range target interdiction rifle is the weapon of choice for the discerning sniper. Acquisition of a target at distance requires a steady hand, but the rewards merit the effort: the high-caliber round is lethal at any range. With a precise headshot, the target will be neutralized by the super-sonic bullet long before they hear the report. As they say in the N.E.G. Marines: 'any shot you hear is nothing to be worried about.'
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MutWeapMilestoneAnnounce_Snd.uax 1.5 MB 2293d7f7a1df98eb60551ec84c7e146faff579fb -
UT3A_Pickups.uax 600.8 KB 419f20784c33e2cea61220d683e8496dd9dafd02 -
UT3A_Pickups_Powerups.uax 854.6 KB 4c87296e00f2401efb4bd4eee0e3052cda1dc9f2 -
UT3Common.u 11.2 KB 1e88d8be621233d429f042bf7093b7eb2112f692 -
UT3Envy_Effects.utx 1.1 MB 5c937e0218b69a6a33943c03797c29ef8c4f718e -
UT3GP_Onslaught_Materials.utx 1.5 MB abdc28f9e1097e2dfde82b2d8f0a7f0333d8806b -
UT3GP_Onslaught_Mesh.usx 391.3 KB 9847f43abfade6c0b16f45d5105db296a73e1893 -
UT3HUD.utx 1.4 MB 2c6305baa9d4f44cd1946a98998bbaa0946d201b 1
UT3LinkGun.uax 866.0 KB 6e9ba72c574aaa4fe4d30fcd2281923946ce5571 -
UT3Pickups-SM.usx 14.6 MB 5a3ca5241ae1186f795320d274d6d2fe9547b5f2 -
UT3Pickups.utx 31.1 MB 3f5c3205f4c5f7b3175b71232327a16280436949 -
UT3PICKUPS_Mesh.usx 1.7 MB 54ff8b497030de873caa9dad00ed43661a338077 -
UT3PickupSounds.uax 1.8 MB a26dc68ae1726ce68f54bb2a5a4b7b99390d1920 -
UT3Style.u 614.5 KB 1dffb6d7d53ffe7fec357f62a15d04152c82830f -
UT3Translocator.uax 779.1 KB da65506a41744fd60954e708a75efc35476cedc2 1
UT3UN_CubeMaps.utx 909.9 KB 82b430e6f0e8cf668d05189dd671d2577a54ca94 -
UT3VH_Nemesis.utx 13.1 KB a301b700f67e63e2b14829d02f009a13e8b0ca7d -
UT3WeaponAnims.ukx 23.1 MB 479ced6598ed0324e54d9231ebbe3bbc86211ea2 -
UT3Weapons.uax 1.8 MB daf3190c9c7830973e80664c6f40a805b52e0a56 -
UT3Weapons2.uax 7.6 MB 574f4c54f144d4465659b00ae9db0815a9f2d400 -
UT3WeaponSkins.utx 59.6 MB 39c149433b37a651870ecdf6dbf5a244c6eadc2a -
UT3WP_All_Materials.utx 1.4 KB c368211529eec28da23d50881275c37995072bb5 -
UT3WP_BioRifle_Materials.utx 513.2 KB 3e4346000ffadf76690884b94c0cce04422a92c6 -
UT3WP_LinkGun.utx 8.4 KB 429673b779307929ea7570f66842470c2a443089 -
UT3WPStatics.usx 4.2 MB 6d67cde0165be3d84ca16236688c43bdf52f409d -

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  UT3WeaponSkins OK File is included
  UT3Envy_Effects OK File is included
  UT3Pickups OK File is included
  UT3WeaponSkins OK File is included
  UT3Pickups OK File is included
  UT3HUD OK File is included
  UT3Weapons2 OK File is included
  UT3GP_Onslaught_Materials OK File is included
  UT3WeaponSkins OK File is included
  UT3WP_BioRifle_Materials OK File is included
  UT3WP_LinkGun OK File is included
  UT3UN_CubeMaps OK File is included
  UT3Envy_Effects OK File is included
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