Maps / Unreal / Single Player

Map Title Author Players
1BRmapa Vila Um RonBR Unknown
3Crystals The 3 Crystals DavidM Unknown
alingar3 The Ghost of Alin'Gar Tim "Kew" Jervis Unknown
aMAZEing aMAZEing The One And Only Shawn Bosel..... Unknown
Arachnopolis Arachnopolis EZkeel Unknown
Asylum The Mental Asylum Alex Vancomerbeck "HADES" Unknown
bar-9 BarX STD Unknown
Barrier Barrier Viliam Simko 2-6
battle_at_nyleves_falls Battle at Nyleve's Falls Juan Pancho Eekels & makemeunreal Unknown
BBGWT BBG's Weathertop BBG-(DOG)- Unknown
BloodMatch "A Blood Match" Magna-Man Unknown
BlueAtrium BlueAtrium Terraniux, the Dutch mapper. Modded By Rubie For CoopGame 4
BlueLanesBT BlueLanesBT B. TEXIER Unknown Has images
BlueLanesBT225 BlueLanesBT B. TEXIER Unknown Has images
BoringGrounds codename: ETERNITY (3:00 AM) indigo broker [p 2 T o] Unknown
Bridge Bridge Anounymous 1-6 Has images
CastleFalkenstine CastleFalkenstein Zac 16
Cherokee37 Cherokee37 Unknown Unknown
CubeOfDeath Cube Of Death! MrC-(DOG)- 0 - x0 - z0 - 0
DeathIslandU4e DmDeath_Island Boxcar Joe Unknown
deCyberDuel deCyberDuel S.West-Bulford (EZkeel) Unknown
deCyberDuel][ deCyberDuel S.West-Bulford (EZkeel) Unknown
deCyberDuel][ deCyberDuel S.West-Bulford (EZkeel) Unknown
dnspu1 The Skaarj Castle Dan Naoumov aka Jago Unknown
dnspu2 Temple of Pain Dan Naoumov aka Jago Unknown
Doom2_a DOOM2_a Deslok and VerMoorD Unknown
DS666 Deep Space 666 Chris Burgess Unknown
EgyptianTemplarGods EgyptianTemplar Jimbo 5-10
entombed2.2 Entombed Lestat Unknown
Escape_Drea Escape from Drea Nikola -(DOG)- Unknown
FactoryRise Factory ISV Modded By Rubie 2-6
firedrop Firedrop Quicken Unknown
ForceShieldBunker The Bunker Dakha Unknown
FourTowers FourTowers Unknown Unknown
Gekokujou Gekokujou Hideya + Boom-Boy Modded By Rubie for Coopgame 2-10
Glacialis Glacialis Unknown 4-8
GRAMERCY Gramercy Chris Burgess Unknown
greystation The Grey Station Andrew Wooldridge - Unknown
H2SO4 Station H2SO4 Serge Jaeken Unknown
HazardPay HazardPay Unknown Unknown
HCLF Hard Crash: The Outer Limits §ìlvèr§èrpënt AKA Xer06siX Unknown
HellOfTheDamned Hell Of The Damned! MrC-(DOG)- 0 - x0 - z0 - 0
home9 HomeX STD Unknown
HouseOfPain House Of Pain! MrC-(DOG)- 0 - x0 - z0 - 0
illhaven Illhaven Tim "Kew" Jervis Unknown
Illhaven2a The Hall of the Giants Tim "Kew" Jervis Unknown
illhaven3 Illhaven OldTown Tim "Kew" Jervis Unknown
Illhaven4 Illhaven Farewell Tim "Kew" Jervis Unknown
IllhavenPt2 The Black Raven Inn Tim "Kew" Jervis Unknown
INCIDENT The Incident At Nali Canyons Steve Arriola ( Unknown
INFEST iNFESTATiON Justin Saunders aka DOMiNiON Unknown
IOSdemo Isle of Sharighar Leo(T.C.K.) Unknown
Jiganara3 Jiganara kingdom Mattias "Uran238" Ekh Unknown
JumpArena Jumparena DAVID MÜNNICH Unknown Has images
L97Soledad_Yoe16 Spawning Pools of Droth (oe) Cliff Bleszinski Unknown
LittleGreenMen Little Green Men! MrC-(DOG)- 0 - x0 - z0 - 0
LivingPlanet The Living Planet David "Kyp Durron" Pittman Unknown
lostpalace Lost Palace David Rhodes 1998 Unknown
LowerSoN Lower Shrine of Nakesh Vovin - a.k.a. 'Stuart Presley' Unknown
LV-7117 Hard Crash The Crash Matt Parra a.k.a. Vidman Unknown
Maddness Maddness Jarno Tuomainen Unknown
Mahem U4eLaunch Nick Clark Unknown Has images
Malus Keep Kasarul's Textures Unknown
Marty The Once Great Temple Marty Howe Unknown
megsp1 Struck A Nerve Marc 'MarcEG' Gravett Unknown
Mercship Mercship David Münnich Unknown
MoreReal MoreReal Staton Richardson (KodeMuse) Unknown
MyHouse My house Shawn Bosel Unknown
NaliInn NaliInn Unknown Unknown
nalipent The Ruins of Nali'Pente Kew Unknown
nostromo nostromo (title) lc Unknown
ohyeah Oh Yeah Luke Wenke Unknown
PainSupplyingGallery Pain Supplying Gallery Thrash123 - Pain_Supplier Unknown
PaNunu The Rescue of PaNunu GreyGore ( Unknown
Rajalcast Rajal Castle Jeffrey "Capp" Miner Unknown
rampage1 rampage1 Unknown Unknown
Real_Sstation1 The Station Wolf Unknown
ResearchLab Research Laboratory David Münnich Unknown
Revenge Mohicans revenge Jim Unknown
RiseOfUSP Rise of USP Toby J. Adams Unknown
Ron7 Ron7 Unknown Unknown
Ron8 Ron8 Unknown Unknown
Ron_Mania! Ron Land! Ron-Br 8 Player :)
RunningofTitans RunningofTitans Unknown Unknown
Satanicchurch SatanicChurch DarkKiller Unknown
ScorchC Scorched Castle Leo(T.C.K.) Unknown
SecretOp Secret Operation Unknown
Serp_SPStranded Stranded! Mark Hartman Unknown
Sirius Sirius 38F3, the unknown planet Arjan Vroegop Unknown
skaarjcity Skaarjcity David Münnich Unknown
Skaarjmine Rrajigar Mine Cliff Bleszinski Unknown
SkaarjTown Skaarjtown Sacred Knight Unknown
SkullDoctorsVillage Skull Doctor's Village Ryan "Skull Doctor" Casey- OR Unknown
SnaM //S'naM\\ Ruudmans Unknown
SomethingFishy Something Fishy! MrC-(DOG)- 0 - x0 - z0 - 0
SP-DontShootTheChest1 Under Deldaram Tobby "GTD-Carthage" Ong Unknown
SP_Mine1_Escape_v224 Las minas.. o algo asi.. Pablo Fernandez Unknown
Spacefreaks Space Freaks David Rhodes Unknown
Spacelab Lab whit Unknown
SpantobiUnexpectedThreat Spantobi - Unexpected Threat Doze (Emil Gustavsson) 1 (2 coop)
SPRescue SPRescue Unknown Unknown
Star861 Star 861 Mr. Edge Unknown
Stranded! Stranded! Mark Hartman Unknown
strange4 Strangeworld: Part4 DavidM Unknown
Strange5 Strangeworld: Part5-1 DavidM Unknown
Sulferon Base of Sulferon .:..: Unknown
Tarmation Tarmation (TAZ) Mader Paul Unknown
Tarmation2 T2 -A rude awakening- Paul "TAZ" Mader Unknown
TarMin0 Liandri Tarydium Mines Molnár "makemeunreal" Balázs Unknown Has images
TCallin TCallin Unknown Unknown
Temple1 The Temple Krulwick Unknown
tenrak Ten'Rak Monastery Jeffrey "Capp" Miner Unknown
Tgsp1 TgSp1 Wolf a.k.a. Tony Gacia Unknown
th-protfort96A The Protection Fortress 0.96A Zidane-=:ToB:=- Unknown
TH-SkyTownTest4b The Town in the Sky Jeremy War (Thieveryized by Zid-=:ToB:=-) Unknown
The Swimming Hole the swimming hole Radagust Unknown
The3Crystals The3Crystals DavidM/Hitman Modded By Rubie For Coopgame 5 to 8
TheHermit The Nali Hermit Cynicide Unknown
TheHiddenGrave The Hidden Grave None 2-6
ThePurpleChurch The Purple Church Tweaked By Rubie 2-8
TheUnknown The Unknown! MrC-(DOG)- 0 - x0 - z0 - 0
together8 one-man buisness Luke Unknown
TOMB TOMB Rob Unknown
Travelingin timeMEDIEVAL UnEd project 2015 Traveling in time MEDIEVAL Nikola -(DOG)- 4-8
Twins Twins By Rubie 2-6
Unrealupsidedown UnrealUpsideDown By Rubie For CoopGame 2-8
UnrealWorld2 UnrealWorld2 Alejandro Llados 4-8
URTechies UR Techies' Tunnels Remus Shepherd Unknown
usp1 Tarydium caves Mattias "Uran-238" Ekh Unknown
Vendirty2 Dirty Fun Kevin 'Vendirty' Corradino Unknown
vortex1 Vortex Rikers (Before the crash) Cliff Bleszinski - Rebuilt by Rob "SnakeBite" C. Unknown
WarshipSuperNova WarshipSuperNova Modded By Rubie For CoopGame 4-12
WasserburgEusebius Wasserburg Eusebius Nikola -(DOG)- Genyo Unknown
WhirlMap Collapsed Mine WhirlWindWabbit Unknown Has images
WhitePalace The White Palace : Sample Map EZkeel (Simon West-Bulford) Unknown
WhitePalace2 The White Palace EZkeel (Simon West-Bulford) 2-10 Has images
Wolfenstein 3D (E1M1) [SinglePlayer] Wolfenstein 3D Level 1 in Unreal! ID Software (Remade by Loos) Unknown Has images
Xerania Xerania's Fall EZkeel (Simon West-Bulford) Unknown Has images
ziki ziki Unknown Unknown
Zimera The Wizard of Zimera. P.O.Juusola. 02.08.98 Unknown
ZM4Underground Vulcano Underground Design: Z - Ideas: -=Arch=- Unknown
ZM4Vulcan The Vulcan Z Unknown