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Capture The Flag
CTF [SP] Monster City
Yaw/Mr_Rogers *Imported from UT by RUSH*
8 - 18
July 2005
Skaarj Tech
Nali Castle
37.1 MB

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
AmbCity.uax 628.6 KB e5a82e544d635b6609e73d0010913d2c08a93ff7 41
AssualtSnds.uax 1.2 MB 49b231cd1e827489aafb1f341f154ba3c7012dbd 1
CTF[SP]MonsterCity.unr 5.9 MB 3812aa43b034cc86d3030b988f75f33f22912d75 -
Eol.utx 3.7 MB aef6b9a41e0b91c20e8933112766f88c94e4e253 15
Indus5.utx 3.1 MB 6f701f378df841e8d21f66cd6c66789d9fec0904 23
Metalmys.utx 2.0 MB 2678a4d37876f212456589dcd883ab2239452ffa 29
RainFX.utx 10.9 MB d00583021fa26e3554f118e8067b76ab0e8fd849 29
ShaneChurch.utx 4.2 MB 9fe9d5f363d2f5e0703d7a32bf8a13106a654271 20
Slums.utx 3.6 MB 4c4064de07786b2c007b8e27959389a082a161c7 52
TrenchesFX.utx 1.1 MB acc172283dfaf4fac1f8f756c00a7e08c1de9400 5
UTtech1.utx 10.7 MB 0a2cc068a89391b7cde94729d2a30abd80c2274e 66
XbpFX.utx 2.3 MB 3c9a99f5ff60baca8e9cb0046564efba645233fa 20

Download Downloads

Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  TrenchesFX OK File is included
  Uzi MISSING File is not included
  Slums OK File is included
  UTtech1 OK File is included
  Metalmys OK File is included
  ShaneChurch OK File is included
  AmbCity OK File is included
  Eol OK File is included
  AssaultCTF MISSING File is not included
  RainFX OK File is included
  Assault_G11 MISSING File is not included
  Indus5 OK File is included
  SP_NSAv5 MISSING File is not included
  XbpFX OK File is included
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