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March 2004
Zeitkind has long been a favorite of the UT99 Sniper Community and is a staple at Fraggalonia Sniper Arena. This is a UT2k4 recreation of Juergen Vierheilig's Masterpiece, using most of the original textures. Have fun campers.
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FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
ClassicUT_1.usx 15.0 KB a0bc1d48c444331094863d3453753005a33a7342 2
crime.utx 5.6 MB 68721f88cf74f34a08d924fc71161f88973e6a5d 2
DM-ZeitKind2K4.ut2 7.9 MB 005a920d2f5c0053bbf4b51af2634617d0eccbdc 1
GenFluid.utx 5.3 MB 5ee9f593826f9099b6a94457e38942cf13c31bf8 37
Liquids.utx 13.7 KB d34fe4685e675780d6c25ff24ad0f13bfe6b8b8a 33
SniperTownTex.utx 3.0 MB cbaa92482a8eda607c5059d43bf0235e92fa8d0f 2
Vierheilig.utx 1.0 MB dbc4b601b3806ec173323f392ce90a3c1e0a6212 59
zeitkind.utx 1.8 MB 46bf1e580f96cf9a47d9d94143e66731245f4d6b 72
zeitkindb.utx 1.2 MB aa3aff12928176678fcb1f3e51f7813ea80daf28 35
zeitkindtextures.utx 2.2 MB c0d7c829bef8487df8c7f37f391e3a139e4a9c6e 2
zeitksigns.utx 448.1 KB 338ae78f0b808850e364654c5a7546f9f6d7c2c8 23
zkind01.utx 1.1 MB 0856dc461d75308a0cda38ffe179e3cd71e08449 35

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  genfluid OK File is included
  zkind01 OK File is included
  zeitkind OK File is included
  zeitkindb OK File is included
  crime OK File is included
  SniperTownTex OK File is included
  zeitkindtextures OK File is included
  Liquids OK File is included
  ClassicUT_1 OK File is included
  zeitksigns OK File is included
  Vierheilig OK File is included
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