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WebSpace Game
May 2004
This level is based on the place where i work, and also is partly made on the place where i work. I'ts a pretty big map, and it has some nice extras for you to find out! Big thanks goes to Daan Heemskerk for the programming, Joanna Cook, for letting me make this map while i was working ;), Joey Bakker, for testing my map and giving feedback, and Martin for creating the spots, and the computers! Email:
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Tech
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DM-WebSpace3D.ut2 6.8 MB 52742251806b700c3ab6ff936a2ac5ef1619d707 -
RedBullPackage.u 10.1 KB e02d5a33c83aeef8e27d27e57e5cd21dc619c5b8 -
SpaceDesignWeb.ogg 4.6 MB bdc7ee2d054b00ed60b8ce34fe87dede6bf9578f -
webspace_stat.usx 7.3 MB 28396b52f279067ae5e1838aa6e4ea261ed47c3c 2
webspace_tex.utx 16.9 MB 8a47c062d7c78093645c6c228f6b49c060656686 3

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  RedBullPackage OK File is included
  webspace_tex OK File is included
  webspace_stat OK File is included
  webspace_tex OK File is included
  webspace_tex OK File is included
  webspace_stat OK File is included
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