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Map Information

Bombing Run
Metallic Madness
Antti ''Chaos_Snake'' Kupiainen
October 2008
Metallic Madness is the last level of a game called Sonic CD. It's the biggest base build in a Little Planet by Dr.Robotnic. After Dr.Robotnic became a drug addict, Metallic Madness is currently owned by Liandri Corps, and they converted it into a extreme 1on1 Bombing Run level!

ΓΏAttention!|It is very advisable that you use Super Agility mutator and playing with GODLIKE bots when playing this map!
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Packaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
BR-1on1-MetallicMadnessSE.ut2 20.9 MB 941e9f63deef24a48e13e1e5a743f40b635f49ac -
SonicCD_MetallicMadness_present.ogg 862.2 KB 24d2ed781d661b3b2175fd9bd4dbbc319bf80a2e 1
SuperAgilityMutaror.u 2.9 KB c67b59f12c178fed121c6fa47b24cba2f26eb6d6 1