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WarMachines (AS Racing)-Final
October 2004
(Requires the E.C.E. Bonus Pack)

Listen up jar-heads... We've got a little training exercise lined up for today. The Attacking Team must unlock 3 sets of security gates to gain access to a Prototype Plasma Scorpion and then escape with it. The Blue Team must prevent this at all costs. (For information regarding your vehicles, you should have already read your enclosed file). Good Luck.
80% 80% 80% 80% 80% Tech
20% 20% 20% 20% 20% Industrial
6.3 MB

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
AS-WarMachines(Race)-Final.ut2 14.5 MB ed35ee67f1d71b8a1a8481350fae90bc71a900fc -
Hellbender2.u 1.4 KB e046d2d0333bf7751cd3a52b52128e95a507ab5f 7
HellBenderLightAssault.u 1.4 KB d80178389bffcbcb954f5144d25c17dbdc487e67 6
ScorpionType2.u 1.6 KB f93acce6f9f21000cf5fb842852c9ed02f49ea87 10
ScorpionType3.u 1.2 KB 505a69b321b2893098ba5e553151a6dd93b0ba29 13
ScorpionType4.u 1.5 KB 6885c6fe3818fac534b1f9bbb1d5853c87da72e4 8
x-MetalRealm.ogg 3.6 MB c14691bd3f0eb96bd0da69c150faebc31e63b210 2

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  Requires Status  
  Hellbender2 OK File is included
  ScorpionType2 OK File is included
  ScorpionType4 OK File is included
  ScorpionType3 OK File is included
  HellBenderLightAssault OK File is included
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