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CTC Pack1
March 2004
Nali Temple
Skaarj Tech
32.7 MB


Name Title Author
CTF-CTC-HeliMania The Helimania Francis "Fritz-x" De Block
DM-CTC-Croon DM-CTC-Croon L.J.Paranoid
DM-CTC-EBD-HammerV14 Thor's Hammer V. 1.4 evil_blue_dude
DM-CTC-Scios Scios Flying_killer
DM-CTC-The_Spinner The Spinner Texas Gtar Brown
JB-CTC-EBD-Theomachy The war against the gods. evil_blue_dude

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
Boundary.umx 935.1 KB c06a687b9c109cc509f0d1e652a48b3ebdb055a1 36
CFCsuspence.umx 806.2 KB 9655ab3e58af16e1a01cb596a43e508c081a0ae9 3
chaossounds.uax 5.0 MB 107b951d886200901a4482afa4f0d0c499c31ef0 21
CTF-CTC-HeliMania.unr 5.4 MB d5362b38e65366d95200e710383938cd4e67cd55 2
DM-CTC-Croon.unr 5.7 MB 276bcbb615d3167f1bbb8b109c42f9892d090ff0 4
DM-CTC-EBD-HammerV14.unr 3.5 MB 7c5783acaa98c1f1566d5fcf46e3d60dc88ce714 2
DM-CTC-Scios.unr 3.0 MB 0332215829efc58ca574b8a3cc815e1696873882 2
DM-CTC-The_Spinner.unr 3.1 MB 691ee8a714b354bacf32220e7601d1ec66da0df3 1
Fifth.umx 853.3 KB 9859d7e9754d799f0fd6d06cbe6f3fe79188273d 70
JB-CTC-EBD-Theomachy.unr 3.9 MB 7c59aa86cd3fd6e9e5d34b0cef64a9d18f979e16 3
largewroughtiron.u 9.4 KB 82840bc1d35c991b2f16d17a641891f56bcb460b 4
PickUpBaseJrm01.u 3.6 MB 5c104dfcbfe401936ccfa5e3389cf7011796e697 17
richrig.utx 2.1 MB e2115772791315c91cdf6ab99e687d2f94e5685d 585
SGTech1.utx 7.6 MB ec01e4c9011a8cb2d08ebd12d255373f83d98fc1 398
smallwroughtiron.u 7.6 KB 49002769321ef4180d3291dd02096fe4550dc969 12
Spinner.utx 1.4 MB c2337c0c173a58d737b2db28308c0b043a92e2b2 69
SpinnerMusic.umx 7.5 MB 94206a9f2194afc82a038e1ba19b0e936953491c 1
Spinnersounds.uax 2.0 MB 118425a28371cbf19dcdf907fddcfb760acd6bc4 1
Springmesh.u 28.4 KB 6b8ea57cc8611597a97e3f9fb18f8ae94a42b357 4
Sunset.utx 851.9 KB 8b8a95ea1c04e7d6a4788b73b46115ca4ce1c86e 11
Tree_PACK1.u 1.5 MB 65f7c97c3e53e7e4cbd9560d5194d283314d52ab 160

Download Downloads

Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  Boundary OK File is included
  SGTech1 OK File is included
  richrig OK File is included
  PickUpBaseJrm01 OK File is included
  SGTech1 OK File is included
  Spinner OK File is included
  chaossounds OK File is included
  Spinnersounds OK File is included
  richrig OK File is included
  SpinnerMusic OK File is included
  JailBreak MISSING File is not included
  JBArena MISSING File is not included
  CFCsuspence OK File is included
  richrig OK File is included
  smallwroughtiron OK File is included
  Sunset OK File is included
  Springmesh OK File is included
  Tree_PACK1 OK File is included
  largewroughtiron OK File is included
  Fifth OK File is included
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