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Capture The Flag
CTF [SP] -Helicopter Wars-
July 2005
Fight the evil empire!
90% 90% 90% 90% 90% City
25.2 MB

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
AmbCity.uax 628.6 KB e5a82e544d635b6609e73d0010913d2c08a93ff7 46
Arenatex.utx 706.7 KB a2331a4b9d5219e9426c8a4776c63d1e566f8f0d 12
city.utx 5.6 MB e9286e731a065ac763ca36ee4faa9b849654d320 89
CTF[SP]UrbanHelicopterWars.unr 5.3 MB 2f3d3631cb1e6e0337084486ffbf69dc008e0675 -
Indus5.utx 3.1 MB 6f701f378df841e8d21f66cd6c66789d9fec0904 23
LadderSounds.uax 241.5 KB 1437d44dd85b7f96663368ff94903dc4f65b31ed 9
LadrArrow.utx 45.3 KB 3897135e3195e3637be9503d9e45ba07fa7f4e7f 15
Pan1.uax 2.5 MB 1dbd066e18118d311ee878a81bce75b41cabe960 46
Scripted.utx 239.3 KB bb714915513061018705256d912b9b7e776520b8 13
ShaneChurch.utx 4.2 MB 9fe9d5f363d2f5e0703d7a32bf8a13106a654271 20
Slums.utx 3.6 MB 4c4064de07786b2c007b8e27959389a082a161c7 55
UTtech1.utx 10.7 MB 0a2cc068a89391b7cde94729d2a30abd80c2274e 74

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  AmbCity OK File is included
  Arenatex OK File is included
  Assault_G11 MISSING File is not included
  AssaultCTF MISSING File is not included
  AssaultMedia MISSING File is not included
  city OK File is included
  Indus5 OK File is included
  Pan1 OK File is included
  Scripted OK File is included
  Slums OK File is included
  SP_NSAv5 MISSING File is not included
  UTtech1 OK File is included
  Uzi MISSING File is not included
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