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Spatial Fear

It’s the distant future and mankind has expanded beyond its solar system. After spending several centuries traveling, expanding and populating, humans perfected the use of wormhole technology. But wormhole technology comes with a price: it consumes a natural resource found only in particular systems. Many more decades passed as humans built and placed the wormhole devices at strategic points in their little section of the galaxy, thus creating a network of “jump points.”

During this time, Mankind had been aware of a war that spanned the galaxy, though known only by the effects their technology left behind. Through research and investigation, humans had learned that there was a massive war taking place between two powerful races: the benevolent Aeryopolis (silvery bird-like creatures that are described as looking like mercury), and the ruthless Kreen (bizarre looking creatures thought to have once had the ability to change their appearance at will. There is no current record of what they look like now, since they dwell on space vessels only.) There are conflicting stories about the Kreen’s origin, as well as the cause and length of the war. The general consensus is that the Kreen instigated the war.

Along the way, Man discovered new worlds and new races. The good majorities were benevolent, and some even opened trade routes. Wormhole deployment was an ongoing project, ever-expanding their territory as they searched the great void known as the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is the story of one such deployment…

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  • Spatial Fear

Included Maps (14)

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SpatialFear by Unknown
Aeryopolis City by Rachel Cordone
no image
no image
SPF-Credits by IVANGRAPHICS [Ivan Tanziura]
no image
Deployment by Unknown
no image
Docking Bay by Unknown
no image
SPF-Ending by IVANGRAPHICS [Ivan Tanziura]
no image
Engineering by IVANGRAPHICS [Ivan Tanziura]
no image
Engineering by IVANGRAPHICS [Ivan Tanziura]
no image
General Crew Level by Liqud Element - Chris Rogers
Journeys End by Ivan [ivangraphics] Tanziura
no image
Science by Abram 'Atmosphere' Andis
Basic Training by Unknown
no image
Intro Sequence by IVANGRAPHICS [Ivan Tanziura]

Credits Credits

  • Producers
    • Alex Hammond Project Lead
    • Doug Blask Second Project Lead
  • Programming
    • Markus Nuebel Lead Programmer
    • Jacek Jagrodzki Programmer
    • Chris Rogers Programmer
  • Level Design
    • Ivan Tanzuira Lead Artist
    • Chris Rogers Lead Level Designer
    • Abram Andis Level Designer
    • Jim Russell Level Designer
    • Rachel Cordone Level Designer
  • Art Crew
    • Ivan Tanzuira Lead Artist
    • Jim Russell 2D Artist
    • Mike Gilmour 2D Artist
    • Brandon Baker 2D Artist
    • Tim Brooks 3D Artist
    • Dean Stamp 3D Artist
  • Audio
    • Stephen Inglis Musician
    • Andrey Kogtev Musician
    • Chris Rogers Lead Level Designer
    • Ivan Tanzuira Lead Artist
    • Edgen Musician
  • Further Thanks To...
    • Alan Dennis
    • Josh Frost
    • Caylo Gypsyblood
    • Matt Parkin
    • Eric Poggel
    • Jack Reacher
    • Simon Rolphus
    • Jeff Snow
    • Scott Sutherland
    • Kris Thaler
    • Hayden Wilkinson
    • Lode Vandavenne
    • Mike Wilburforce

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Released: 2003-12-20
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