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About About

  • Fixed match ending timer
  • Fixed GoalTeamScore bug
  • Fixed TimeLimit bug
  • Fixed overtime bug
  • Added original Football hit & kick sounds
  • Fixed country flag bug
  • Fixed soccer camera, Players not able rotate the camera while goal break time :P
  • Improved bot codes

This should be installed after installing the original version (overwrite the original files).

Credits Credits

  • Enhanced Soccer.u
    • Deepu and Nelsona
  • Improved Soccer.u
    • [os]rush
  • Original mod
    • Kenneth "Shrimp" Watson

Variation Variation

This is a variation of Soccer Tournament, which is not necessarily released or supported by the original authors.

Soccer Tournament

Information Information

Soccer Tournament is a fun little mod which allows you to play a form of soccer in a variety of interesting and unusual locations.

Releases Releases

Release 2019-10
Released: 2019-10
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