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The premise of MultiCTF is simple: Capture an enemy's flag. Give them a point. Give them enough points, and they cannot win the game. Repeat for all other enemies until your team is the only one left. Win. Feel good.

There are also LOTS of options:

  • One Flag Mode: Find the flag and bring it to an opponent's base!
  • Team Elimination: Once a team hits the score limit, they are out and respawn as spectators.
  • Flag Elimination: Once a team reaches the limit, their flag disappears, so they can't win but they can still add to the mayhem!
  • Rewards: Capturing a flag can give you full ammo, shield belts, damage amp, or whatever you want!
  • 'Crazy' Options: Allows options like slowing down flag carriers, rewarding flag pickups, and translocations with flags!
  • Multiple Flag Captures: You can carry as many flags as you want.
  • Carry Flags Back: Recovering your flag means carting it back to base!
  • Heavy Bot Defense: More bots on all bot teams will defend the base.
  • Smart Bots: Teams will work together to get another team out!
  • Omniscience: The zone a flag is in will appear over the flag on the HUD.
  • LMS Mode: In multiplayer games people can only join as spectators once a team is out.
  • Rejoin Teams: Once a team is out, its members are redistributed among the teams that are in.

BOT AI IS FULLY IMPLEMENTED: Every team has a specified "enemy team" that is the target of their attacks. Bot teams choose their enemy teams wisely, making MultiCTF enjoyable as a single player game as well. Furthermore, players can choose what team to attack, and their bots will go after the designated team.

In addition, MultiCTF adds several new objects to maps as well, giving map designers much more control. Mappers can add triggers that are activated when teams are out, so bases can be sealed off, turrets acivated, etc. Also, triggers that are activated once a team has reached a certain score are also implemented, so trapdoors, secret weapons caches, etc. can be opened in the losing team's base - to make future captures on that team much more difficult!

To play, download the base MultiCTF package, download some maps, and get playing! Note also that MultiCTF can also run CTF+, CTF4, and regular CTF maps as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play MultiCTF?

First you need to head on over to the DOWNLOAD section and pick up the newest Beta version of MultiCTF. As of this FAQ, that was MultiCTF2 Beta 5. Then go to the maps section of the site and grab the Map Packs and maps that aren't in the map packs. If you have any problems getting the maps head on over to NaliCity - they have them there.

Why does the team I capture on get a point??

One thing that separates MultiCTF from the other 4-team CTF mods is the scoring system. Having points is bad, giving others points is good. This makes MultiCTF much more defense-oriented, since the only way you can lose is by being capped on!

Why doesn't the Translocator work in some maps?

MultiCTF supports a new form of Map Object that basically disables translocators in maps. For instance, this object is in the map CTFM-CrypTitan. The map maker decided to disable Translocators on this map because you could telefrag the Titans - something that he didnt want players to be able to do!

What's the deal with the MultiCTF Mutators?

The MultiCTF Mutators that come with the latest Beta version add further variatons to MultiCTF games. Just select these mutators and you're ready to go! MultiCTF mutators do NOT work with regular CTF games (or any other gametype for that matter). If you're a programmer who's interested in making MCTF mutators, let me know!

What new features are planned in the next version?

Any new builds of MultiCTF 2 that are released will mostly contain bug fixes - which, as of this FAQ, are none (thank goodness!). However, the next version will provide support for some features that will ensure better compatibility with CTF4 such as Flag Mutators and CTFMapObjects. Vacuum Zones will also kill flags.

Contents Contents

Included Game Types (1)

  • MultiCTF

Included Mutators (6)

  • (MCTF) Speed
    Changes a flag carriers speed!
  • (MCTF) InstaReward
    People who capture flags get an InstaGib rifle!
  • (MCTF) Exploding Flags
    Dropped flags explode after a certain time elapses!
  • (MCTF) One Flag Bring Home
    After capturing on an opponent in One Flag mode, you are teleported home!
  • (MCTF) Dancing Bots
    Bots will dance after flag captures!
  • (MCTF) Humans vs. Bots
    All-bot teams will all be against the human team

Included Maps (1)

The Test Room by Colin McCann

Credits Credits

  • Creator
    • Colin "Wyzard" McCann
  • CTFM-Ancient, CTFM-BurningHot, CTFM-Random, and CTFM-Small
    • Death Circus
  • CTFM-Catacomb and CTFM-GlassBang
    • Jasper 'Weenydog' Lodder
  • CTFM-CruxCitadel and CTFM-CrystalPower
    • The Shadow
  • CTFM-CrypTitan
    • TheSpoonDog
  • CTFM-Deck16][, CTFM-HyperBlast, and CTFM-Mazon
    • { MOiN }_Lord'Coloth
  • CTFM-FireIceSlimeBullet, CTFM-Igloos
    • [ G ]ABU5E
  • CTFM-InstaMayhem
    • [ MK ]Annihilator (wherever you are)
  • CTFM-Lavaforme, CTFM-MorTal, CTFM-Redemption, CTFM-SlimeRotor, CTFM-Tutorial][
    • Crokx
  • CTFM-LavaGiant][
    • Dark Defender
  • CTFM-MetalDream
    • Rens2Sea
  • CTFM-Sphere
    • SlayerA

Information Information

MultiTeam CTF (MultiCTF) is a capture-the-flag variant for Unreal Tournament. A whole host of new options have been added, as well as the ability to play with up to four teams! The major difference between MultiCTF and other CTF mods is that having points is bad. Whenever you capture another team's flag, THEY get a point! The team with the lowest points at the end of the game wins!

Releases Releases

MultiTeam CTF 2 Beta 5 190
Released: 2001-02
This is the newest public beta version available for download!
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