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So you're sick of the old two-forts maps? Well how about four forts? That might spice things up a little! Having four teams can change the CTF gameplay a lot - when you're carrying a flag, there are three teams of enemies trying to stop you!

Four teams adds a whole new dimension to the game... and makes possible some more gameplay options, which you can mix and match, or you can stick with the normal scoring.

Subtraction: When your flag is captured, you lose a point. With normal scoring in CTF4, you can defend your flag perfectly and still lose, but Subtraction can make defense more effective.

Distribution: The capture limit is how many times you must capture each enemy flag. Once you've caught your limit on a particular flag, you can't even pick it up anymore. The number of captures left on each flag is displayed next to your team's flag in the HUD, as in the picture above.

Elimination: Played with Subtraction and/or Distribution. If, for example, the capture limit is 3, and your score hits -3, your team is eliminated! If you are playing Distribution, then your are eliminated when every other team has hit their limit on capturing your flag.

Designation: Your team will always have an assigned flag to capture. When you get that one, then you're assigned a new designated target.

Carry flags back: You have to carry your flag back to base instead of just touching it.

Carry multiple flags: Allows you to carry as many flags as you can get away with.

Translocate with flags: Lets you translocate without dropping your flags. If you shoot off a TL beacon and then pick up a flag, the beacon will be returned to you. That way you can't just translocate back to your base for an instant capture. F

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Crossroads by David Catmull

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Four teams give a whole new dimension to Capture the Flag. New scoring modes, carrying multiple flags... and really big maps!

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CTF4 Release 1.1
Released: 2001-03
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