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BubbletUT is a new gametype for UT of the popular Bubblet! game. Bubblet is a logic/puzzle game where you have a grid of bubblets to pop. Sounds simple, except that the more bubblets you have connected when you pop them, the more points you get for it. Throw in 4 different modes of play, and you have a quite challenging (at times) simple little puzzle game.

To play, simply select BubbletUT from the GameType pulldown box under practice game. Make sure you do not have any mutators selected, as these might have adverse affects on play. You should see the map BUT-Basic automatically selected for you, simply click start and enjoy!

Modes of gameplay

  • Standard - Bubblets only fall downward as space permits. Games are usually quick, but can be challenging at times.
  • Continuous - As you wipe out entire columns of bubblets, new columns are created and brought into play.
  • Shifter - Bubblets now shift to the right as well as fall downwards when space permits. Takes a bit of getting used to planning how things will look after large pops, but this is excellent training for ->
  • MegaShifter - Bubblets not only shift both right and down as space permits, but new columns are introduced as well as shifted when columns are depleted. High scores can be expected from a master, but just how high can you go?

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BubbletUT Playing Grounds by Martin "Pfhoenix" Actor

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BubbletUT is a new gametype for UT of the popular Bubblet!

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Release 1.2
Released: 2000-09
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