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Fans of Bungie's classic game Marathon will recognize this one. First player to die is it, and you tag by fragging. The goal of the game is to be it the least total time.

The idea in this game is quite simple: at the beginning of the game, whoever dies first becomes It. Whomever It kills next becomes It, and so on. Optionally, if you kill yourself you automatically become It. The goal is to be It the least amount of time, frags don't matter!

In the bottom left corner of the screen where the frag count usually is, you'll see a timer that shows how long you've been It. While you're It, the timer glows.

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  • Bazooka Tag

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    • David "Uncommon" Catmull

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Trust me, you don't want to be it.

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Bazooka Tag Release 1.0
Released: 2000-06
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