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Bombing Run (2k4-style) for Unreal Tournament 3

KilterBR is just what I’m calling my version of Bombing Run for UT3. Unlike the already existing Bombing Run mod by Warhead, this one is much more faithful to the 2k4 version. All your favorites are still there, the goals, the ball, and even the ball launcher.

While we are using the 2k4 meshes, etc. at present, over time I’d like to get skins/meshes that blend in with the UT3 look more. I figured let’s start with the things we know and we’ll evolve them over time. I have the 3ds Max, I just need the time… and the talent :-P

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    • [PAIN]*Off-Kilter
    • Torch/2112

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KilterBR is our version of Bombing Run, done in the 2k4 style, with Adrenaline!

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1.0b9 1.0b9
Released: 2010-02-07
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