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U2Weapons RC3
July 2011
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Shield Reward
Any remaining shields are thrown from players when they are fragged. Also includes Unreal II-style shield pickups.
Unreal II or XMP Weapons
Add the Unreal II weapons to other gametypes. Fully customisable, you can choose between Unreal II and XMP weapon behaviour.
Unreal II Power Stations
Replaces Health Chargers with Health Stations and Shield Chargers with Energy Stations from Unreal II.
Auto Turret
The Automatic Turret is an automated deployable, used as field support or as an automated defence. It has a dual mounted chaingun that has properties similar to the ones of Combat Assault Rifle.
Deployable Item
Deployable Item
Duster Combat Assault Rifle
The M32 Duster Comber Assault Rifle is the standard infantry weapon for the Terran Military grunt. Very effective overall - you can hose down an area using the primary fire mode or deliver a lethal single punch with the alternate fire.
Field Generator
The Field Generator is a small device that, when within proximity of another Field Generator, creates a strong force field that stops enemies from going through.
Hydra Grenade Launcher
The M406 Hydra Grenade Launcher is an amazingly versatile and effective piece of military hardware, perhaps the best all-around portable weapon in the Terran arsenal. It uses universal Grenades that explode in various ways.
Land Mine
Land Mines are explosives that detonate when anyone trips over them. They are extremely lethal - there is almost no chance of surviving the blast if you trip on one. Be very cautious, because friendly mines are almost as dangerous as enemy mines.
Laser Trip Mine
TG-17 anti-personnel explosive Laser Trip Mines are often useful for sealing off areas. They emit a small laser beam that helps them scan the area for any kind of movement. Once it's detected, the Laser Trip Mine detonates.
Magnum Pistol
The Magnum is the most powerful sidearm out there. Best for medium range targets, when you’re too far away for the shotgun, but too close for the sniper rifle.
The pistol uses special 0.50 caliber explosive bullets that are quite rare, but powerful. They explode a few miliseconds after hitting the target, effectively incinerating its internal organs.
Proximity Sensor
Proximity Sensors are small devices made entirely for scanning the area for any activity. When in the area, scanned by radio waves, a living object appears, it has to have the team's identification badge, otherwise the Proximity Sensor automatically sets off an alarm.
Rocket Turret
The Rocket Turret is an automated deployable, used as field support or as an automated defence. It has a dual mounted Rocket Launcher that fires rockets similar to those of the Shark Rocket Launcher.
Shark Rocket Launcher
Nothing beats the primary fire mode of the Shark Rocket Launcher for accurate, long-range devastation with significant splash damage. The alt-fire drunken missiles are wildly unpredictable, but are good for saturating an area or providing suppressing fire.
Shock Lance
The Shock Lance Energy Rifle is the favourite weapon of the Izarians, the strike force of one of the Skaarj clans. The Izarians use the weapon mainly for frightening enemies, as a beacon for Skaarj or to fry electronics. Therefore it isn't at all effective against enemies, but extremely effective against vehicles and deployables.
Vulcan Flamethrower
The UA69 Vulcan Flamethrower is the most lethal short-range weapon in the Terran arsenal - you can incinerate entire squads of enemies at close quarters.
Widowmaker Sniper Rifle
The T72 Widowmaker Sniper Rifle is a highly specialized weapon that should be used only for long-range sniping, but it does its job very, very well. Its targeting system compensates for wind and other variables to create an instant hit on virtually any target you can see.

FilesPackaged Files

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343M.usx 45.7 KB 4e38db0ce129c8d7c86bdfd6be7cc7f1033ea6ca 1
343T.utx 513.3 KB 14f4b2905ace9e9cd672701f36bb81446e480173 2
Arch_BuildingsT.utx 16.9 MB 18bb18f8293278a950ba23ca2d9803f0efa7c0c4 1
Arch_TurretsM.usx 8.1 MB cbd832bd2283487196b72c783e6de0309fe8e92f 1
Arch_TurretsT.utx 6.7 MB 71f8c0c947ac8bcb1210eabeb1769c382504c9ac 1
Arch_WalkwaysT.utx 2.6 MB fb9852e3d591b385926b9984e1c86543e5218ef6 2
DetailTextures.utx 1.4 MB 04f30cb05b46d9f08b5c022f8e4cd1c1c2aaef31 3
GEUtilities.u 4.6 KB d0c34d91ce13d193d379e73989141de7ca3fb6ba 1
JamesT.utx 15.4 MB eae8a8339c7aa23929924bd769a51c467b0a01df 1
KA_XMP.utx 564.1 KB 7d21ba38de8a957e824dd944315965bebde3637b 1
LowlandsT.utx 3.8 MB 3f08c3afa36fbb33a513d6c92a2dda340c6ea7e8 1
ScottT.utx 6.1 MB 12ba6ada731940a5b3fea1c46e5dc068c01c3bc5 1
ShieldReward.u 7.5 KB edc3cea690ade7e232452d21d9f0f71f6c5513cb 1
SpecialFX.utx 7.1 MB c4eab3382d783950479129b3a519cdb4102295bd 1
SpecialFXB.utx 832.6 KB 6839d503ed28a88a4846b85f8baef6ddfe41d394 1
U2343M.usx 444.3 KB 31a9aad8c7c1396e1e738aff0f4e2d976a012bd5 1
U2343T.utx 791.7 KB 38f14d711ebaf4131ec3ca3c55d13dd2bf6b4149 1
U2A.uax 2.0 MB 17b50b9a4b85b50a731d33def73d2459d063d20a 1
U2Ambient2A.uax 2.6 MB 9372c17643b9bf95ad6d79be0fcf7c366bdba173 1
U2AmbientA.uax 12.0 MB 8ab199a7df0bbd2ad582d2c34a54538104c3cf9f 1
U2GLMWeaponsT.utx 12.6 MB ff089a88e548d3a34c3ef017088d4b51f31bb911 1
U2MalekythM.usx 1.7 MB a6ee992c2a31c3ebb064a264d44eab0df9234d69 1
U2PST.usx 129.7 KB 63fabbc76cf145232ec31da8ab0dd8f210103e8f 1
U2Stations.u 63.5 KB 68a39ecc64ed665eed816a9ad0c3b0638397dafb 1
U2StationsM.usx 182.4 KB e839a63df4fbb9966475e7b45fac26eaf982f68d 1
U2StationsT.utx 488.7 KB c06d2c02b75b0bfabfb33e6c301bef149b54c497 1
U2Turrets.usx 649.6 KB d1d67945e00ff8a2627d75df955fdb55d96e686d 1
U2WeaponFXT.utx 647.3 KB 7d272615efdb897c017e3a3fd779654a9dfa2685 1
U2Weapons.u 799.8 KB d5d22c3a34034001d76c3413c8245a7645bdaa1a 1
U2Weapons3rdPK.ukx 2.1 MB df6149acb66c3926d48a7cbdf1ea00c5c174de6f 1
U2WeaponsA.uax 13.8 MB 7d2cc91ba9cb4547ff3ff67a39423e5f08d674f7 1
U2XMPA.uax 4.7 MB 766b148963fcbb3804356f35dafb814c11323fa6 1
UIResT.utx 3.5 MB 4b30129c774c2353313cc25cbcd34df5a23ed099 1
Weapons3rdPK.ukx 2.1 MB 2a5f09fffd50be34e322ec3116b5b1083062e539 1
WeaponsA.uax 6.5 MB 897eff4edda0dc88facbe72989be4c695b083f69 1
WeaponsK.ukx 5.9 MB 1ed8e453e2af7d009a30dbf787ef5e0e059f9e6e 1
WeaponsT.utx 2.5 MB 9dd5f1032ddf105c4b30bd9586546abb5d594e3e 2
XMP_RaptFXTextures.utx 684.7 KB 21dfe4c1e96b793c85e6ab0417c65800da5683ef 1
XMPA.uax 2.0 MB 17b50b9a4b85b50a731d33def73d2459d063d20a 1
XMP-ECE-Content.utx 363.5 KB 4ac3773f1998131bc962a754b82ec3ee25ff6626 1
XMPHUDTexB.utx 1.8 MB c69eaf9481a350aa8c400b80cbe5fc69220c4fe3 1
XMPM.usx 904.8 KB e6d3e5c805acac32594d7eb0c5c50fbc6d814894 1
XMPT.utx 601.3 KB 992865d3bcba93615e5318ab5033dc9578791295 3
XMPWorldItemsM.usx 6.8 MB d0619c5077cdc52710ab11729dc0e22408be4d9f 1
XMPWorldItemsT.utx 8.9 MB 8fa7370a965bf0729300d08a28bd13dd5052c298 1

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  343T OK File is included
  SpecialFX OK File is included
  Arch_WalkwaysT OK File is included
  DetailTextures OK File is included
  JamesT OK File is included
  Arch_BuildingsT OK File is included
  Arch_TurretsT OK File is included
  ScottT OK File is included
  XMPWorldItemsT OK File is included
  DetailTextures OK File is included
  SpecialFX OK File is included
  DetailTextures OK File is included
  JamesT OK File is included
  GEUtilities OK File is included
  LowlandsT OK File is included
  343T OK File is included
  U2GLMWeaponsT OK File is included
  U2GLMWeaponsT OK File is included
  U2343T OK File is included
  U2A OK File is included
  U2StationsM OK File is included
  U2StationsT OK File is included
  U2StationsT OK File is included
  Arch_TurretsT OK File is included
  SpecialFX OK File is included
  U2GLMWeaponsT OK File is included
  343M OK File is included
  343T OK File is included
  Arch_TurretsM OK File is included
  Arch_TurretsT OK File is included
  GEUtilities OK File is included
  KA_XMP OK File is included
  ScottT OK File is included
  SpecialFX OK File is included
  SpecialFXB OK File is included
  U2343M OK File is included
  U2343T OK File is included
  U2A OK File is included
  U2Ambient2A OK File is included
  U2AmbientA OK File is included
  U2GLMWeaponsT OK File is included
  U2MalekythM OK File is included
  U2PST OK File is included
  U2Turrets OK File is included
  U2WeaponFXT OK File is included
  U2Weapons3rdPK OK File is included
  U2WeaponsA OK File is included
  U2XMPA OK File is included
  UIResT OK File is included
  Weapons3rdPK OK File is included
  WeaponsA OK File is included
  WeaponsK OK File is included
  WeaponsT OK File is included
  XMP_RaptFXTextures OK File is included
  XMPA OK File is included
  XMP-ECE-Content OK File is included
  XMPHUDTexB OK File is included
  XMPM OK File is included
  XMPT OK File is included
  XMPWorldItemsM OK File is included
  XMPWorldItemsT OK File is included
  SpecialFX OK File is included
  XMPT OK File is included
  XMPWorldItemsT OK File is included
  SpecialFX OK File is included
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