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A bunch of random weapons comes your way!
September 2004
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A bunch of random weapons comes your way!
Assault Rifle
Inexpensive and easily produced, the AR770 provides a lightweight 5.56mm combat solution that is most effective against unarmored foes. With low-to-moderate armor penetration capabilities, this rifle is best suited to a role as a light support weapon.
The optional M355 Grenade Launcher provides the punch that makes this weapon effective against heavily armored enemies. Pick up a second assault rifle to double your fire power.
Barrel Bomber
This weapon lays down explosive barrels with primary fire, and detonates them with secondary
Bolt Rifle
This weapon fires a bolt of energy that causes an explosion wherever it hits.
Bouncing Rocket Launcher
Primary fire is a bouncing rocket that explodes at each collision. Secondary is a very large rocket that has higher damage and a larger explosive radius.
Energy Cannon
Primary fire shoots high-speed energy bullets rapidly. Secondary fires a group of 5 energized metal chunks.
Flak Blaster
This weapon is an upgrade from the original tournament weapon

Primary fire: Explosive flak chunks

Secondary fire: Flak grenade that explodes multiple times.
Momentum Rifle
This weapon's primary fire has the ability to deliver a shock to opponents, knocking them back a long distance.
Secondary fire is used to teleport an opponent to a random location, which due to the nature of the teleport also deals damage to the person being teleported
Monster Maker
Primary fire indicates a target for attack, secondary fire teleports in a monster to attack the target.
Spam Cannon
This weapon contains an immense amount of firepower within its shell.

Primary fire releases a load of bouncing rockets, whereas Secondary releases a flakstorm.

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