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PWC Redeemer
March 2020
16.2 MB


Holly Jolly Deemer Mutator
Replace the boring non christmasy Redeemers with the Holly Jolly Deemers from PWC-Gaming.com
PWC Holly Jolly Deemer
Spread the joy of the Holiday Season with powerful nuclear happiness. This is a modified Redeemer from PWC Labs which offers nice christmas music when the deemer is coming close.
PWC Redeemer
This is the PWC Deemer, aka the Merica deemer. This was built for our PWC Gaming Servers for times of the year that our Holly Jolly Deemer isn't appropriate. This is a parody and we are in no way a conservative.

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
hollyjollydeemer.u 1.4 MB 21c016dea0003846098fdddd217df6555dc5ba94 1
pwcdeemer.u 7.0 MB 126842e0c0511fccd1160401b196edd5bdc782c8 -

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