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Capture The Flag
Hall Of Giants 2004
September 2003
The Hall Of Giants is now open to the Tournament again after being closed for some time for renovation. Only a few relatively minor modifications have been made to the structure, which has been widely acclaimed due to its uniqueness over other CTF maps. Features of the Hall include its extreme height, its complete low-gravity environment, its intense lighting, its peculiar speed tubes, and its huge variety of tactical approaches to victory. Its one thing getting the enemy flag, its another thing getting it to yours...

Unreal Tournament CTF-Hall of Giants creator: Juan Pancho "XceptOne" Eekels

A huge thanks goes to the following who have helped me significantly in the creation of this map:
Bonehed316, Teddie, BesigedB, AngelMapper, Blitz, Tarquin, Hourences, Spiffness, Lenbo, RevBillyG, SexMachine, and XceptOne.
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Tech
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