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Old Skool Monsta Toolz (OSMT) is a mod/add-on for UT2004 that is designed to reintroduce the complex old skool Unreal monster AI and it's related actors for use in any gametype. These tools mimic the original Unreal actors and settings so that "old timers" can easily pick it up and "newcomers" have lots of online reference documentation already available.

The toolset also includes a new gametype, OSM Adventure (OSM), which makes use of all classes in the toolset to facilitate story-driven adventures through progressive Objectives comprised of puzzles, traps and monsters.


The project's aim is to allow the vast community of UT2004 mappers to create maps that take advantage of this well-designed AI scheme in any gametype, especially in story-driven SinglePlayer and CoOperative adventures. This even allows aspiring game designers to easily develop whole game prototypes within the UT2004 framework, by providing a foundation of code to expand upon which frees them to concentrate on gameplay and art assets.


For mappers of UT2004, this is a set of tools that you can use to implement very complex monster/NPC behavior in any gametype. For players, OSMT is a small download that allows you to play a wide variety of maps in any gametype that include monsters/NPCs with advanced AI. OSMT also includes a new Single Player / CoOperative gametype, OSM Adventure (OSM), with progressive objectives conquering puzzles, traps and monsters. OSM Adventure maps, are primarily story-driven adventures that range from sci-fi to fantasy to purely arcade, however completely different kinds of games, such as driving games, platformers, mysteries, etc., can be made with OSM Adventure as a base.

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Included Game Types (1)

  • OSM Adventure
    Story-driven adventures that offer monsters, traps and puzzles to conquer.

Included Mutators (2)

  • MutFlashlight
  • OSMT Populate
    Populates any map with stock Old Skool Monsta Toolz creatures.
    Creatures will form teams, explore the map and attack players on sight.
    Matches will end when last creature dies, unless the game type requires overtime.

Credits Credits

  • Author
    • Glenn Storm (SuperApe)

Information Information

Story-driven adventures that offer monsters, traps and puzzles to conquer.

Releases Releases

Final Release 1.53
Released: 2014-10-30
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