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Happy Fun Ball is easy to play. The goal is to knock the ball (by shooting it) into an opponent's goal. There are two ways to accomplish this -

  1. to shoot the ball, aiming it where you want it to go, and
  2. providing cover for your teammates who are trying to accomplish #1.

The Happy Fun Balls are Karma spheres, which means they spin, bounce, and roll according to accurate physics. Players caught in the way of the ball can be tossed aside or even crushed.

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Included Game Types (1)

  • Happy Fun Ball
    Happy Fun Ball is about taking a huge ball, making players force it into goals while avoiding getting crushed or squished, and having a happy fun time doing it.

Included Maps (2)

Bends in Fun by Brian "Doctor Schwa" Kelly
Ball O'rena by Martin "Pfhoenix" Actor

Credits Credits

  • UT2004 Author
    • Pfhoenix
  • UT2003 Contributors
    • Pfhoenix
    • TwinsenEd
    • Mongo
    • DoctorSchwa
    • Mia`cova

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Knock the ball into an opponent's goal

Releases Releases

Happy Fun Ball UT2003 Version
Released: 2002-11-09
Happy Fun Ball UT2004 Version
Released: 2004-06-01
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