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The original Domination game type from the (UT99) Unreal Tournament: Game of The Year edition is back for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is the real Domination game type, everything is the same as the original, down to the unlimited use of the translocator! Also included is the new game type of Vehicle Domination.
Domination with the use of Vehicles!

This upgrade of Classic Domination includes new support for Double Domination maps, by default list Classic Domination internet servers in the Double Domination servers list. Fixed the bugs and yields better performance then the prior version of Classic Domination. The BotAI has had a major overhaul.

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Included Game Types (2)

  • Classic Domination 2
    The two teams fight for possession of several control points scattered throughout the map. To capture a control point, simply touch it. When a team owns a control point, their score increases steadily until another team touches the control point.
  • Vehicle Domination 2
    Like traditional Classic Domination, only adding vehicles into the mix!

Included Mutators (1)

  • Unlimited Translocator
    Removes the limited use of the Translocator. For a truely Unlimited Translocator.

Included Maps (5)

Desert Combat by :TsT:Dave / Snake.PLiSKiN
1-on-1 Condemned by 2L and Snake
Cinder Foundry by Snake.PLiSKiN
Condemned by 2L and Snake
Lament by Snake.PLiSKiN

Information Information

UT99 style Domination for UT2004

Releases Releases

Release 2.0.9
Released: 2005-04
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