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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
TorusTextures.utx 22.0 MB 29306edf9d31fc821a37aad54c2e71dfab2d08ab 20
TorusTextures.utx 23.5 MB bdef5005535575b209e3299cfdee58ef38b6d192 3

Files File

22.0 MB

Usages (20)

Type Name Author
Map DM-Imaginary[LineARC](V1) [LineARC]
Map DM-MyFlat[LineARC] [LineARC]
Map Pack MH MHF KnockBackMaps [LineARC]
Map Pack MH MHF KnockBackMaps [LineARC]
Map Pack MH MHF Veiron Maps [LineARC]
Map Pack MH MHF Veiron Maps [LineARC]
Map MH-[RMD]WorldEnd-fix1 [LineARC]
Map MH-[Torus]WorldEnd [LineARC]
Map MH-[Torus]WorldEnd [LineARC]
Map MH-ADV_Assault[Remidas]+SBFix [Remidas]/Fixes Barbie
Map MH-ADV_Assault[Remidas]+SBFix1 [Remidas]/Fixes Barbie
Map MH-ADV_AssaultV2[LineARC] [LineARC]
Map MH-MHF-[RMD]FV1Sironex [LineARC]
Map MH-MHF-[RMD]Sironex [LineARC]
Map MH-MHF-ADV_Assault[RMD] [LineARC]
Map MH-MHF-Unreal_Village [LineARC]
Map MH-MHF-Unreal_Village[RMD] [LineARC]
Map MH-MHF-Zenith_Core Unknown
Map MH-Tension[Remidas] [LineARC]
Map MH-ValleyOfTheBrave [LineARC]

Files File

23.5 MB

Usages (3)

Type Name Author
Map MH-AncientCaves[Torus] [LineARC]
Map MH-ArchionLava[Torus] Torus
Map MH-MHF-AncientCaves[Hard_RMD] [LineARC]