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This package has multiple variations with the same name, but likely different contents. The below table lists each variation.

Click on a variation to find the release files which use each variation.

Name Type File Size SHA1 Hash Usages
EvilTruck.utx TEXTURE 2.0 MB 8681b42df87695846267688e34acff3354b806b7 8
EvilTruck.utx TEXTURE 225.0 KB 5ab7aa549959e5fffeb907ca778deaed12c54a9e 1

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2.0 MB

Usages (8)

Type Name Author
Map DM-[TA]-Greenies-Bar p455w0rd
Map DM-House [HR]CHAOS
Map DM-House2 [HR]CHAOS
Map MH-UM-Santa-Gone-Bad Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map MH-UM-SantaGoneBad Bret "Hitman" Hart
Map Pack SAS FullMappack Various
Map Pack SAS FullMappack Various
Map TO-Studio54 Scooby

Files File

225.0 KB

Usages (1)

Type Name Author
Map TO-FAAv11 Nathan Lauterstein (Natedog)