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CSWeapons V16
June 2016
Disable Auto-Activate
UT enables auto-activation for all items. Use this mutator to disable that feature on maps with Unreal items.
Rockets UT
Replaces weapons with ammo packs for your rocket launcher.
Rockets UT Random
Play with all Rockets UT missiles.
Rockets UT Descent Style
Play Rockets UT only with the missiles from the Descent series.
XPickups Mutator
X Sniper Arena
X Shock Arena
X Rocket Arena
Counter Strike Weapons v1.6
Concussion Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Toxic Rocket Launcher
Napalm Rocket Launcher
Descent weapons
Flash Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Plasma Rocket Launcher
Homing Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Laser-Guided Missile Launcher
Cyclone Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Razor Missile Launcher
Mercury Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Frag Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Seeking Grenade Launcher
Turret Placer
Smart Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Mega Missile Launcher
Descent weapons
Earth Shaker Launcher
Descent weapons
Black Shark Launcher
Descent weapons
66.8 MB

FilesPackaged Files

Name Size Hash Also In
CS_v16.u 30.0 MB 73b5d1654bdff99e8803582f4db8ef91c4a3eeaa 2
EnhancedItems.u 298.1 KB 98732abdedab39a1d22f332eac8bf9a25d9a15d8 8
RocketsUT.u 727.4 KB 915bf99b22ac5ab7b0b59107af33992c80790dc5 14
RocketsUTAudio.uax 2.6 MB 73f6ff5ee89b3db1f7ee3bfc5fac3d0fbac086ce 14
RocketsUTFX.utx 2.0 MB 4defcc778f9fff5462c9ac622a6b7fd269c11059 16
RocketsUTHUD.utx 512.3 KB 509d348c710dda43b0bb22cd44f4bfadc3dbaea3 14
RocketsUTSkins.utx 4.0 MB 7cade29e98d80a4d2e0a2e2c3a98c3715bd4716d 14
XPickups.u 22.6 MB 83238ca52d60245efcc015fb8f34b3bfdd2ca81f 35

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Required Files Required Files

  Requires Status  
  RocketsUTFX OK File is included
  RocketsUTAudio OK File is included
  RocketsUTSkins OK File is included
  RocketsUTHUD OK File is included
  EnhancedItems OK File is included
  XPickups OK File is included
  RocketsUT OK File is included
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